Working for Summer Discovery and Discovery Internships


Thank you for your interest in working for Summer Discovery and Discovery Internships. Since 1966 thousands of teenagers have joined us on Summer Discovery pre-college enrichment programs, Discovery Internships high school internship programs, or Jr. Discovery middle school enrichment programs. Last summer our enrollment included students from 43 states and over 60 countries.

We are looking for dedicated, hard-working, open-minded people who have an abundance of energy and a desire to mentor / educate and supervise teenagers during the summer. Our programs range from 3-7 weeks, beginning in mid-June to early July, and ending in late July to mid-August.

Our students are outstanding members of schools from around the world.  They come to Summer Discovery to experience college life while having the balance of supervision from our resident counselors.  Our resident counselors provide the students with academic, social and emotional support, supervision at activities, insights into college success and more. 

What might you be doing on any given day in the summer as one of our resident counselors?  Here are just a few examples:

  • Observe a business class of our students being taught by one of the most outstanding professors at the University.
  • Encourage students to join in a “pick-up” volleyball game.
  • Set up a study session in the evening for a particular class that the resident counselor has experience in.
  • Escort students on a tour of a museum on campus.
  • Enjoy a day with students and staff at one of the most outstanding theme parks in the world.
  • Join students for dinner in the campus dining hall.
  • Assist students struggling with roommate issues.
  • Drive students to a new release movie and watch along with them.
  • Be alert and observing students while enjoying the sunshine by a beautiful beach or pool.
  • Stay up late to make sure all students are in the dorm for the evening and getting prepared for classes the next day.
  • Organize and help produce a talent show hosted and presented by Summer Discovery students.
  • Meet with staff and directors to discuss the best plans and support for students.

Being a resident counselor is a challenging, demanding and highly rewarding experience.  Many of our RC’s are current or future educators.  In addition, each summer we have a truly diverse group of RC’s that have majored in everything from psychology to engineering.  Our RC’s go on to careers in education, law, business, medicine and more.  Moreover, we are always looking for current educators that may have much of their summer off from school who want to continue working with teenagers but in a more diverse, flexible and exciting setting. 

All applicants for domestic programs must be 21 years of age or older by June 18th.  All applicants for international programs must be 23 years of age or older by June 30th.  Proficiency in a foreign language and study abroad experience is required for international program candidates.  Successful applicants can expect to have a challenging and rewarding summer.

Many of our Resident Counselors frequently return for following summers and take on additional responsibilities in the program.  We encourage and assist returning staff members and work with them to give them expanded leadership roles, opportunities and professional development.  In fact, each year a very select few Resident Counselors have the opportunity to interview for full-time positions with Summer Discovery while others return year after year and become associate directors and even campus directors.   

Additional Details

Resident Counselors live in a university residence hall and are responsible along with the Summer Discovery administrative staff for the students’ health, safety and well-being.  Resident counselors supervise residence hall living, field trips, afternoon, evening and weekend activities, provide academic support and more. 

Summer Discovery resident counselors are provided room, board, transportation to and from the program and a stipend which varies by program duration. 

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