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Meet Our Team
Redefining Summer Experiences

Meet Our Team

Our Leadership

Lovers of learning, our leadership team is obsessed with summer and passionate about delivering the very best academic summer experiences to students around the world.
  • Jimmy Musiker

    Jimmy Musiker

  • Bob Musiker

    Bob Musiker

  • Adriane Thorpe

    Adriane Thorpe

  • Sam Berey

    Sam Berey

    Chief Summer Operations Officer
  • David Kraut

    David Kraut

  • Julia Geffner

    Julia Geffner

  • Kaci Scheuler

    Kaci Scheuler

    Global Head of Recruitment
  • Esteban Olivares

    Esteban Olivares

    Head of Managed Programs & University Partnerships
  • Amit Shah

    Amit Shah

    Head of Enterprise Sales

Summer Program Specialists

Here to guide parents and students every step of the way, our summer program specialists ensure they pick the very best program and campus for their student’s summer goals. These are just a few of the friendly faces you will be speaking with over the phone!
  • Susan Kornick

    Susan Kornick

    Director of International Recruitment
  • Halley Hoot

    Halley Hoot

    Director of US Recruitment and Customer Success
  • Diane Rosenblatt

    Diane Rosenblatt

    Senior Summer Program Specialist
  • Brandon Cangemi

    Brandon Cangemi

    Senior Summer Program Specialist
  • Chelsea Ehmke

    Chelsea Ehmke

    Summer Program Specialist
  • Coty Lovelady

    Coty Lovelady

    Summer Program Specialist
  • Chris DiMeo

    Chris DiMeo

    International Account Manager
  • Ricky Gunzel

    Ricky Gunzel

    International Account Manager
  • Ben Cion

    Ben Cion

    International Account Manager

On-Campus Team

Living on campus alongside the students, our summer campus teams oversee our programs to ensure students are safe, supported, learning, having fun, and making new friends, while leaving with lasting memories. These teams are composed of over 50 summer leaders with over 7 years of experience on average and over 800 on-campus staff members.
  • Dr. Rachel Lovis

    Dr. Rachel Lovis

    Head of Academics
  • Jenn LeBlanc

    Jenn LeBlanc

    Operations Director
  • Jesse Candelario

    Jesse Candelario

    Operations Director, Managed Services
  • Scott Rosenbluth

    Scott Rosenbluth

    Operations Director
  • Victoria Stone

    Victoria Stone

    Penn Program Director
  • Marisol Fernandez

    Marisol Fernandez

    Operations Coordinator, Managed Services
  • Dan Bernaudo

    Dan Bernaudo

    Wharton Program Director
  • Cece Combs

    Cece Combs

    Institute for the Gifted Operations Manager
  • Aaron Gower

    Aaron Gower

    UT Austin Program Director and Campus Manager
  • Emily Viskovich

    Emily Viskovich

    UCLA Program Director and Campus Manager
  • Diana Murillo

    Diana Murillo

    UCSB Program Director and Campus Manager
  • Molly Zemmel

    Molly Zemmel

    Dartmouth Program Associate Director and Campus Manager
  • Christine Provencher

    Christine Provencher

    Cornell Program Operations Manager
  • Ryan Welch

    Ryan Welch

    UC Berkeley Program Director
  • Whitney McDonald

    Whitney McDonald

    Georgetown Program Director
  • Doug Van Der Vossen

    Doug Van Der Vossen

    Cambridge Program Director
  • Maura Denny

    Maura Denny

    Madrid Program Director
  • Cameron Dockery

    Cameron Dockery

    Cambridge Program Associate Director and Campus Manager
  • Megan Mancini

    Megan Mancini

    International Programs Operations Manager

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