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University of California, Los Angeles and UCLA Anderson School of Management

2 Weeks

E-Sports Academy

On Campus $3,499 - $13,599Age Range 14-18Course Time Morning, Afternoon PST

This academy will explore the phenomenon that is the fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry, professional video gaming. Students will examine the business aspects of the e-sports industry. According to a market report from Newzoo, e-sports’ revenues are approaching $1 billion. This academy will examine the leagues and communities that have developed around your favorite games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and League of Legends. We will explore the explosive growth of streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, the models, structure and development of the different e-sport leagues and the growth and investment in the major e-sports organizations, like TSM, C9, Team Liquid, Fnatic, SKT Telecom, Edward Gaming and more.

Who Should Take This Course? Students who are interesting in gaming, be it Overwatch, Apex Legends, Smash Brothers, League of Legends, etc.
Highlights Students will spend half the day getting hands on coaching in either Overwatch or League of Legends from members of UCLA’s competitive esports team in UCLA’s state of the art e-sports practice facility.
Courses & Academies This course is one of our Academies. Academies meet 4 or 5 times a week, both morning and afternoon, with a lunch break. Most Academies have homework, papers, presentations, and tests that are graded. Students are typically provided a Pass/No Pass grade. Students receive a Certificate of Completion from the university at the end of the program.
Dates & Tuition
  • Jul 2 - Jul 14: Residential - $6,399
  • Jul 16 - Jul 28: Residential - $6,399
  • Jul 3 - Jul 13: Commuter - $3,599
  • Jul 17 - Jul 27: Commuter - $3,599
  • Jul 2 - Jul 28: Residential - $10,599
  • Jul 3 - Jul 27: Commuter - $5,999
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