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University of California, Los Angeles and UCLA Anderson School of Management

3 Weeks

Healthy Lifestyles

On Campus $3,499 - $13,599Age Range 14-18Course Time Morning PST

This course will focus on 4 essentials areas of wellness: healthy eating, sleep, exercise, and mind/body/spirit work. Students will become more aware of their current lifestyle choices and work to create and sustain healthy habits for the future. Students will utilize technology in a mindful way to set SMART goals and track their new habits. Students will learn stress-management techniques such as meditation, breathwork, and yoga to create a total mind-body wellness experience. Guest instructors will provide inspiring, upbeat exercise classes such as Spinning, Cardio Hip-Hop, Yoga, and Pilates. Students will answer the question of what "healthy" means to them and how they can implement their personal definition to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Who Should Take This Course? This course is suitable for students who would like to learn how to live a healthier life by incoporating healthy lifestyle choices.
Highlights Students will be able to develop skills and techniques to reduce stress, prevent injury, and to develop a balanced fitness regime. Students will be able to express the importance of balancing technology & screen-time .
Courses & Academies This class is one of our UCLA courses. Courses are single classes that are taken in the morning or afternoon. Students who take our courses select two courses to take during each session. Students will select a morning and afternoon course. If a student is attending a 6-week session, they'll select two courses per session 3-week session for a total of 4 courses during their 6 weeks. Generally, courses can not be combined with academies since academies meet both morning and afternoon.
Dates & Tuition
  • Jun 25 - Jul 14: Residential - $8,399
  • Jun 26 - Jul 13: Commuter - $3,999
  • Jul 16 - Aug 4: Residential - $8,399
  • Jul 17 - Aug 3: Commuter - $3,999
  • Jun 25 - Aug 4: Residential - $13,599
  • Jun 26 - Aug 3: Commuter - $7,499
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