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  • Jun 29 - Jul 9 $2,999 2 Weeks Session #1Arts & Design, Business & Entrepreneurship, Law & Government, Leadership, Life Skills, Social Sciences, STEM


Commuter students typically join the program Monday-Thursday for morning and afternoon classes and optional afternoon activities. Students arrive on campus at 8:00am and depart at 5:15pm. For Saturday activity days, students arrive at 9:00am and depart between 6:00pm-11:00pm, depending on the activity.   

What's Included?

Lunch is provided for Jr. Discovery commuter students on campus in Georgetown's O’Donovan Dining Hall. Commuter students have limited access to the first floor of our residence hall, with administrative approval only.

Commuter students are invited to attend field trips associated with their classes, during or outside of class time. Students are also encouraged to attend our Saturday social activities and off campus excursions. 

Please note: the commuter program is open to students who are living locally with their parents in the Washington, D.C. area, within 1 hour commuting time. Students are not permitted to attend evening or Sunday off-campus activities and excursions.

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