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UT Austin News - June 25

Hi Summer Discovery Friends and Families!

All of our students made it onto the wonderful UT Austin campus safe and sound and it’s time for the real fun to begin! Our staff members spent a week in preparation for the arrival of our UT Austin cohort and blessed with their presence.

Special thanks to our incredible parents and family members that were able to drop off their student and made sure to make their student’s stay feel like home. After the multiple Target runs in prepping for the perfect dorm room students then finally got to meet their own Resident Counselor, also referred to as an(RC). Students were then able to get their first “college experience” by eating their first meal in the Callaway House Dining with their fellow class and Summer Discovery friends. They have a wide option of dining options available and cater to vegan/gluten free/ vegetarian restrictions. Also, can we acknowledge the fact that the drink options are incredible!

After dinner the students were able to meet new people here at Summer Discovery including the 100+ students that are visiting from around the world. Students from more than 10 different countries are visiting us for the first time so the friendship possibilities are endless! We had students play a game of Speed Friending where they’re able to meet as many people as possible while in a time crunch.

On Sunday students finally got to experience some alone time and got acquainted with their new college life. Students were able to get their UT Austin Student ID which is beyond official. Ask them to show it to you! They also were able to take a quick intro course showing them how to use the Canvas software. This is what students will be using when they communicate with their professor or submit any type of work or projects.  Last but not least, students were given a “Home Tour” in the Texas heat of the areas they’re allowed to hang out in during designated times. Some cool hot spots include the Urban Outfitters on Guadalupe for shopping, In-n-Out Burger, Chipotle and more!

This week beginning Monday we’re taking students to Blazer Tag, featuring one of the largest laser tag arenas out there. On Tuesday students will be heading out to go shopping at Barton Square Mall while also having the option to visit the Texas Memorial Museum and go bowling. Other key highlights for the week include checking out the famous Bat Bridge Cruise, to doing the Urban Adventure Quest here in the city.

Moving in went smoothly and people are getting along with their suitemates which equals success! We can’t wait to see the incredible things and see what new adventures your student embarks on this summer!

Best regards,

Your UT Austin Staff!

UT Austin Daily June 25