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Sundays Blog at Yale 7/29

Sundays Blog at Yale 7/29

Renzulli Discovery had an ACTION-PACKED weekend!

We began Friday with some awesome and productive work in the morning class.  After lunch, the "weekend" feel completely kicked in and the energy was high in the classroom.  Prior to getting focused on our agendas, we all enjoyed some laughs and excitement with a bubble gum blowing contest.  Although a close call for the winner with Dan in the running, Sofia takes the prize for the largest bubble and will be rewarded with an ice cream treat from Jen :).  The remainder of class, we continued to work diligently in preparation for our final week.

Friday night we all had a ball at an Indoor Obstacle course.  The loud music, colored lights and water show in the background added lots of fun to the experience.  Saturday morning we were able to sleep in, have a bagel breakfast in our lounge and the weather for the most part cooperated while we spent the day at Lake Compounce Amusement Park.  We left the park with 2 more participants due to Nate and Eric winning HUGE stuff animals!  Staying with the theme of "Adventure", today we all challenged ourselves at the Adventure Park in Bridgeport.  It was so impressive to see absolutely everyone participate and work at their own level of comfort while some pushed themselves.  Sydney and Rayna couldn't stayed on the course for close to 4 hours!  Let's just say, we ended the weekend feeling extremely energized!

Can't wait for our presentations on Thursday and looking forward to enjoying each other's company for our remaining week together at Yale!

Jen Block

Director - Renzulli Discovery

Yale University

(203) 432-0208