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Georgetown LIFE!

Hellooooo Summer Discovery at Georgetown Parents and Students, 

Today was another SPECTACULAR  day here at SD @ GT! The Exploring Law & Exploring Medicine classes both had the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom today! Exploring Law went on a tour of Georgetown University's Law School. They saw the in's and out's of the law school, including the law school's PRIVATE gym! How cool is that?

Exploring Medicine toured the campus' hospital. They had a chance to see the med school through the hospital labs, lockers, different parts of the hospital, and areas that they could possibly study when they are preparing to go to med school. These students really enjoyed the tour of the hospital and med school. 

Following classes, the students had various activities that they could partake in. These activities included: Geroge Washington University Tour, Newseum, and Spy Museum. Of course, students signed up for what they wanted and others decided to hang out on campus or on M-Street. 

To wind down the day, we had a LIVE which is a mandatory event that all students muct attend. This LIVE event brought in a speaker by the name of John Halligan for a presentation to promte anti-bullying. This heartfelt presentation moved the hearts of students and staff. John spoke about the affect that bullying had on his late son, Ryan Halligan. This was a touching moment for students and staff, truly an experience and story that we will never forget. 

Following that, students had a chance to order food and hang out with their friends back at the dorm. Students are enjoying this time this summer to get to know new people and make new friends. This summer is going GREAT! 

We took plenty of pictures today and would like to share them with you! 

Here's The Hoya Herald Daily for July 12th!