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Georgetown Daily for July 6th

Hello Summer Discovery at Georgetown Parents and Students,

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today was very eventful and we enjoyed every bit of it. Students attended classes today, per usual. After classes were finished, students had the option to go to Target to pick up some things that they couldn't find on M- Street! There were two different sign up times for students to go to Target. If students did not go to Target, they had free time to enjoy the campus or M-Street as they pleased. After dinner, students, staff, and RC's attended Casino/Karaoke Night! This event was a BLAST. Students enjoyed singing their favorite songs along with learning how to play some new games. The energy from the students and staff was exuberating. We all enjoyed the night having FUN. There were also prizes from playing the casino games! These prizes were an assortion of Georgetown University gear that the students can wear or use! We took plenty of pictures and we can't wait to share them with you!

So without further adieu, check out The Hoya Herald Daily for July 6th!