UPenn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Special 3 week programs in science, research, Social Justice, and Mathematics 2, 3, or 6 Week Programs
Prices ranging from $3,099 - $15,499
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Dates & Prices

  • 6 Weeks 6/26 - 8/4 $15,499 Pre-College (2 college credit classes)
  • 6 Weeks 6/26 - 8/4 $13,499 Pre-College (Biology/Lab)
  • 6 Weeks 6/26 - 8/4 $11,499 Pre-College (1 college credit/1 enrichment class)
  • 3 Weeks 7/1 - 7/21 $8,699 Biomedical Research Residental Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/1 - 7/21 $8,699 Chemistry Research Residential Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/1 - 7/21 $8,699 Neuroscience Research Residential Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/1 - 7/21 $8,699 Physics Research Residential Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/1 - 7/21 $8,199 Social Justice Residential Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/1 - 7/21 $8,199 Mathematics Residential Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/2 - 7/20 $7,499 Biomedical Research Day Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/2 - 7/20 $7,499 Chemistry Research Day Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/2 - 7/20 $7,499 Neuroscience Research Day Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/2 - 7/20 $7,499 Physics Research Day Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/2 - 7/20 $6,999 Social Justice Day Academy
  • 3 Weeks 7/2 - 7/20 $6,999 Mathematics Day Academy
  • 2 Weeks Session #1 7/9 - 7/21 $4,299 Penn Prep Program
  • 2 Weeks Session #2 7/23 - 8/4 $4,299 Penn Prep Program
  • 2 Weeks Session #1* 7/10 - 7/20 $3,099 Penn Prep Program Day
  • 2 Weeks Session #2* 7/24 - 8/3 $3,099 Penn Prep Program Day

6 week program open to students completing grades 10 & 11.

2 and 3 week program open to students completing grades 9, 10 & 11.

Residential tuition includes: Term fees, academic programs, laundry, use of facilities, housing, 3 meals daily while on campus (2 meals on Sunday, no meals Saturday), recreation pass (for students ages 16 and above), activities and trips.

Not included: Application fee, airfare, airport transfers (available for $75 each way), class materials, course supplements, meals eaten off campus, medical expenses, linens, blanket and pillow, souvenirs, and personal spending money.



University of Pennsylvania - Overview

Why Penn Summer High School Programs?

The University of Pennsylvania was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1749. Ranked as one of the top universities in the world, this Ivy League university is recognized as a world-class research institution with a history of innovation in education. Distinguished alumni include Supreme Court Justices, Nobel Laureates, and global political leaders. With its ideal location in Philadelphia, Penn is the perfect setting for an Ivy League pre-college program.

At Penn Summer High School Programs, we help you prepare for your transition from high school to college. Our pre-college program combines academics, athletics, and activities to give high school students a well-rounded introduction to college life.

During our 10 year partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, we have provided incredible summer experiences for thousands of exemplary high school students. Summer Discovery students come from 43 states and over 60 countries. Join us and create long-lasting friendships with students from all over the world this summer.

  • Residential Life Live with your friends on one of the most historic college campuses in the United States. Become more independent with the support of our amazing staff.
  • Academics Choose from over 25 different college credit classes and 6 Academies. Biomedical Research. Social Justice. Mathematics. Physics Research. Chemistry Research. Neuroscience Research. 
  • Activities Discover Philadelphia and the East Coast this summer. From the Jersey Shore to Washington, D.C. and New York City, every day on and off campus is action-packed. 
  • Sports Take advantage of the amazing Ivy League athletic facilities at Penn through pick-up games and tournaments.

A typical weekday at Penn

Every day at Penn is unique, but here is a preview of what you can expect on campus:

8.30am Roll out of bed and head to the 1920 Dining Commons where you can enjoy eggs, pastries, fruit, and more on your way to class.

9.30am Grab your notebook and pen (or your lab coat) and don’t be late for class.

11.30am What’s one great thing about college? Long lunch breaks. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at Houston Market with friends, catch up on homework, or workout at the gym.

1.00pm Back to class, but not always in the classroom. Many classes have afternoon labs or take field trips around Philadelphia to museums and local businesses. 

4.00pm Your summer, your way. Sign up for the activities you want to do. Choose from museums, sports, shopping, study sessions, and more.

6.00pm Dinner time. Enjoy the unlimited portions at the 1920 Dining Commons.

8.00pm Outdoor movies. Concerts. Karaoke Night. Major league sports. You will never forget the memories you make with your friends at Penn.

11.00pm Order a pizza, watch a movie, or play video games in the lounge. After a full day, it’s nice to relax with friends.

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