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Dates & Prices

  • 3 Weeks 6/23 - 7/13 $5,999 $5,749 Pre-College Program
  • 3 Weeks 6/24 - 7/12 $3,199 $2,949 Day Program (for local students only)
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Open to students completing grades 9,10,11 & 12.

Tuition includes: Term fees, academic program, use of facilities, housing, 2 meals daily while on campus, recreation access, activities and trips.

Not included: Application fee, $70 student ID/technology fee, airfare, airport transfers (available for $75 each way), class materials, course supplements, lunch and other meals eaten off campus, medical expenses, laundry, linens, blanket and pillow, souvenirs, and spending money.

Day tuition includes: Day students join the program Monday - Thursday for morning and afternoon classes and optional afternoon activities. Day students are invited to attend our Friday social activities and off campus excursions. One weekday evening of guest speakers is also included. Please note: Day students are not permitted to attend other evening or weekend activities and excursions.

University of Texas Austin - Curriculum & Courses

Enrichment Courses

  • Top Business
    • Advertising Creativity:  Enhance your creativity and learn how to think conceptually in a way that leads to "big ideas" at the heart of effective advertising campaigns. Change the way you process information. Taught by popular UT advertising faculty and industry professional.
    • Digital Business Models:  Is Instagram really free? Learn about different models and how businesses exchange value with consumers to grow. Examine business plans and develop spreadsheets to capture financials in this case-based course. Taught by highly-rated UT McCombs business faculty with large and small business experience. Students are required to have a laptop with excel
    • Digital Marketing:  Learn about SEO, SEM, online ads, and social media marketing. Gain experience with key platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Targeting, and Hootsuite. Market your own webpage. Taught by UT McCombs business faculty and former DirectTV & TimeWarner marketing VP.

  • Top Criminal Justice
    • Crime and Justice:  What is a crime? Why do we punish? Gain the analytical tools necessary to understand crime, law, and deviance in the U.S. Learn about the types of criminal behavior, the characteristics of offenders and victims, and the strengths and weaknesses of the justice system.
    • Forensics:  Learn how forensic science is used to solve crimes. Understand core scientific principles and explore major areas in the field, including DNA and fingerprinting. In this hands-on class, you will learn the technology, equipment, and skills used to analyze physical evidence and how to interpret this evidence. Taught by Texas crime lab forensic scientists.
      There will be a materials/lab fee of $125 for this course
  • Top Fashion
    • Fashion Design and Construction:  Gain the basic skills to design and complete a garment from your original sketch. Complete fashion sketches and flats of your designs and construct one of your garments with muslin using draping techniques. Taught by UT fashion faculty with own apparel line.
      Note: Basic drawing and sewing experience helpful but not required.

      There will be a materials/lab fee for this course
    • Fashion Product Development and Merchandising:  Learn the business of turning fashion ideas into products, including trend analysis, planning (material selection, cost analysis, supply chains), and the buying process. Write and present your product development proposal. Taught by UT fashion faculty and a fashion professional.
  • Top Law
    • Intro to Law:  Learn about the U.S. law and the legal system, including an overview of the U.S. Constitution and basic procedures of civil and criminal courts, and consider the relationship between laws and justice. Interactive, discussion-based class focused on key Constitutional issues. Learn to read cases, identify key legal issues, and make cogent legal argument. Taught by practicing attorney.
    • Trial Tactics:  The courtroom is one of the hallmarks of democracy. Learn about the lawyers who represent clients in a variety of legal settings. Gain the problem solving and persuasion skills used by trial lawyers and the basics of trial law. Practice skills in small groups and conduct a mock trial. Taught by practicing criminal law attorney.
  • Top Medicine
    • Introduction to Medicine:  Taught by UT Medical School faculty. Get a taste of medicine as you learn about common medical conditions via cases and acquire hands-on skills such as suturing, biopsying, and checking vitals. Learn the paths to different specialties.
      Students must have completed high school biology with an A/B letter grade.
      There will be an additional materials/lab fee of $470 for this course
    • Anatomy and Pathology:  Unique opportunity to learn human anatomy through a radiological perspective. Diagnose common illnesses and injuries and dive into major organ systems with MRI, CT, and ultrasounds in this case based class. Students will also gain CPR/AED & first aid certification during this course. Taught by practicing radiologist & medical school instructor.

      Students must have completed high school biology with an A/B letter grade.
      There will be an additional materials/lab fee of $90 for this course
    • Sports Medicine: Rehab:  Learn which treatments, exercises, and rehabilitation techniques to incorporate into a therapeutic exercise program for common upper and lower body sports related injuries (e.g. sprains, strains, tendonopathies, etc.). Topics will include therapeutic modalities (e.g. electrical muscle stimulation), mobility techniques, and therapeutic exercises. Taught by award-winning UT Athletic Training faculty.
    • Sports Medicine: Diagnosis and Prevention:  Learn how to prevent and clinically evaluate common athletic injuries and make treatment recommendations (triage, first aid, immobilization, etc.). Taught by award- winning UT Athletic Training faculty.
  • Top Programming
    • Emerging Technologies: The Internet of Things:  Investigate how to make environments "smart" by instrumenting them with digitally connected components, from sensors, to lights, and smartphones. Use sensors or "smart" tech to collect data and control/do something via mobile device. Examine emerging technologies and conceive of and implement prototype internet of things applications to control our surroundings. Enhance your creativity, problem solving and collaboration skills. Taught by UT Cockrell Electrical & Computer Engineering faculty.

      Students must have completed Algebra II, Trigonometry, and one lab science course with an A/B letter grade. Some minimal programming experience is recommended but not required. There will be an additional materials/lab fee for this course. There will be a materials/lab fee of $300 for this course
    • Python & Object-Oriented Programming:  Learn object-oriented programming used by large and small software companies to more easily modify, reuse, and maintain code. Learn Objects and Classes, Methods, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, and Inheritance, and write complete programs in Python. Taught by UT CS faculty and experienced IT professional & developer.

      This course is intended for students with basic programming experience in C++, Java, or Python. Students must have completed Algebra II with at least a B letter grade.

  • Top Psychology
    • Foundations of Psychology:  Learn why relationships work, how your brain influences your experiences, and how you learn. Cover problems in abnormal, bio, cognitive, developmental, and social psychology, and discover what can be treated and how. Taught by award-winning UT Psychology faculty.
    • Positive Pyschology:  Why are some people happy? Explore the research and theory in this dynamic new field and learn to apply the concepts of increasing happiness, optimism, and resilience to your life. Taught by award-winning UT Psychology faculty.
  • Top SAT/ACT Preparation
    • SAT Fundamentals Course by the Princeton Review with FREE ACT Prep:  SAT Fundamentals Course by the Princeton Review with FREE ACT Prep: For over 35 years, our world-class SAT test-taking strategies have helped students get their best score. We know that great scores take work. That's why we design our courses to be efficient, targeted and strategic so you make the most of every minute you spend prepping. Improving your performance on the SAT comes down to one thing: becoming a better test taker. The Princeton Review can teach you how to crack it.

      • In-class prep with an expert instructor plus 140+ additional lessons
      • Online lessons to help reinforce your in-class prep

      Practice Tests
      • Up to 3 proctored practice tests with detailed online explanations
      • 6 additional practice tests to help sharpen your skills

      Additional Resources
      • Access to our new Princeton Review adaptive student portal. You can spend your time studying on your unique areas of focus to help you maximize your score
      • Maximize your score with a custom online lesson plan
      • New Student Portal! - 240 drills, 2,000 online practice questions and 140+ video lessons

      The Princeton Review SAT Preparation with Special Summer Bonuses and Year-Round Follow-Up!

      The world’s best test preparation available this summer continues all year with the following free benefits and courses. During the school year, take advantage of these Princeton Review (TPR) benefits, just a click away:
      • FREE access to our online SAT tools
      • FREE Online Self-Paced ACT Course
      • Access to our best-fit college search program and the extensive admissions/financial resources of PrincetonReview.com

      AND, as part of our Collegewise Advantage, all students enrolled in The Princeton Review course will receive a bonus 30 minutes of consultation time with a Collegewise private admissions counselor, for a total of 60 minutes.

      $595 Supplemental fee includes all online tools, books and classroom materials. Students must bring their own TI Calculator.

      $595.00 Supplemental fee
  • Top Sports and Entertainment
    • Strategy for Sports Organizations:  Why do some teams succeed while others fail? Examine off-field strategies that promote on-field success. Use management strategy and decision-making (game theory & behavioral economics) disciplines. Enhance your critical thinking in this hands-on class taught by top-teaching UT Sport Management faculty.
    • Key Issues in Sports:  Explore important issues in sports, including doping, violence, college sports reform, international sports, race, and gender. Enhance critical thinking skills while gaining a historical and legal framework. Taught by top-teaching UT Sport Management faculty and attorney.
    • Sports Media:  Learn how sports and media work together and how things are changing. Develop and pitch your own programming/content to industry professionals. Taught by UT Sport Management faculty and former EPSN Senior Director.
    • Live Events & Promotion:  Learn what it takes to run successful events, a $115B industry with +10% employment growth, in the “live music capital of the world” and host to SXSW, Austin City Limits, and X Games. In this hands on-class, learn the event planning process, event promotion, and public relations by studying major Sports & Music events. Taught by UT Sport Management faculty, who started the X Games and managed the ESPYs.