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Get InfoApply NowIntensive full-day Academy focused on Business & Leadership2 Week ProgramTuition ranging from $2,999 - $5,599For students completing grades 9, 10, 11, 12 (ages 14-18)

Academic Options

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NYC Leadership Academy

Worldwide connectivity and rapidly evolving social media and technology have quickly redefined human interaction and organizational structure. As a result, leadership skills have taken on a transnational, global dimension. Effective leaders must now be technologically savvy and master skills that encompass local, national, and international issues, in order to influence organizational and social change.

The Global Business Leadership Academy is designed to provide foundational knowledge, skills, and practical tools to create future leaders in business, education, and beyond. The curriculum provides insight into organizational structure and change, ethical practices, and business and leadership etiquette. Apply the skill sets you learn in the academy to your home communities, in your schools, and your future.

Course Descriptions:

Business Leadership & Management for the 21st Century (morning course)

An organization can change and transform based on the style, strategies, and ethics of its leader. Do you know the difference between leadership and management? Explore strategies to run a successful organization, address the cultural, moral, and ethical dilemmas facing leaders today, learn how to foster creativity and productivity within the workplace, and bring about positive change.

In groups, analyze case studies outlining leadership theories and styles, management roles, organizational structures, business ethics and standards, communication and power, and gender and culture in leadership. This class will include lecture and discussion components.

Global Leadership Skills & Agents of Social Change (afternoon course)

The afternoon course combines pertinent discussions, site-visits to cutting edge companies and organizations, and meaningful, relevant guest speakers who personify strong leadership and bring about social change. Learn and implement global leadership skills in the rapidly changing world of entrepreneurship, non-profits, social media, and global communications. Effective leaders of today must not only be able to inspire, but they must also be able to navigate the fluid realms of social responsibility, sustainability, technology, and business/personal ethics in a diverse global economy.

Reexamine the leadership concepts you studied in the morning course, and learn to apply those principles using skills such as operational communications, organizational ideologies, critical writing and thinking, and action planning. Translate your theoretical knowledge into practical use by teaming-up with other participants for collaborative group work. Create organizational leadership plans that are applicable in addressing significant societal and managerial topics and present your findings.

Meet with business and organizational leaders through in-class appearances and off-campus site-visits. These leaders include the CEO of an investment banking firm specializing in the evolving world of health care, a financial consultant to a charitable family foundation, the founder of a South African scholarship fund, a director of the Derek Jeter Turn 2 Foundation, and a fascinating site-visit to a high-tech medical data company on the forefront of eradicating the Ebola virus. Other site-visits may include the United Nations, Be Social Change, Wall Street, and more.

Classes meet Monday – Friday for approximately 2 hours each.


Discovery Internships

Discovery Internships is a 4 week, tuition-based, comprehensive internship program in New York City for students completing grades 10, 11 and 12. Whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, fashion, finance, healthcare, journalism, law, media, non-profit, photography, real estate, or other fields, we help motivated high school students make the most of their summer and make more informed decisions about college and career plans.

Here's more detailed information about Discovery Internships.