Middle School Summer Enrichment Programs

In our summer programs for middle school students, learning is everywhere — in the classroom, residence hall, dining hall, on-stage, on the tennis court or ball field, on trips and excursions, and in the daily interaction between peers, dynamic teachers, and resident counselors. 

Our middle school programs for students ages 12-14 have just the right balance of academic rigor and all-inclusive activities, combined with active supervision to ensure students get the mentorship and guidance they need. We also actively communicate with parents during the students’ stay for parent peace-of-mind. 

Program Benefits

✔ Academic Exploration
Participate in academic subjects and career opportunities that interest you and help to hone your skills. Take courses to prepare you for high school.
✔ Leadership Development
Learn the fundamentals of leadership while gaining the confidence to become a leader in your school and community.
✔ Amazing Activities
Choose from fun afternoon, evening, and weekend activities that engage student in campus life and connecting them with the culture of the surrounding city. 
✔ Friendship & Connection
Make friends from around the globe. Our programs bring together students and teach them to live, learn, connect, and collaborate.

Guided Independence

Our middle school summer programs provide guided independence. Daily sign-ins and room checks help ensure student safety. We walk students to their courses and supervise all group activities and trips. Students receive three on-campus meals a day on weekdays and two meals on weekends. 

Guided Independence

Spend A Day in Their Shoes

See our middle school programs through our students' eyes.

Spend A Day in Their Shoes
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