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Academic Options

Georgetown University offers several course types and programs that provide students a wide variety of academic options. 

Enrichment Courses 

  • Summer Discovery partners with the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies to offer non-credit enrichment classes, exclusively for our students, taught by Georgetown University instructors, graduate teaching instructors and industry professionals, that meet 4 times weekly for 1.5 hours each. Students who choose this curriculum will take 1 morning and 1 afternoon enrichment course.

Comprehensive Academies 

  • Summer Discovery partners with the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies to offer intensive non-credit Academies, exclusively for our students, meeting 4 times a week, both morning and afternoon for 1.5-2 hours each. Academies consist of a 2 related courses paired together. We recommend that both Academy courses are taken together but they may be taken individually, combined with another enrichment course.

All students receive a Summer Discovery "Certificate of Completion" at the end of the program.

Choose one of the curriculum options below. Your choice indicates how you will spend your day academically during the program. You can choose to take 2 individual courses or a comprehensive full-day Academy in a specific subject area. Note: 4 week students choose 1 curriculum option for 2 week session 1 and 1 curriculum option for 2 week session 2.

2 Enrichment Courses

Offered during 2 Week Session 1 & 2

Students who choose this curriculum will take 2 Enrichment Courses.

Summer Discovery partners with Georgetown University Continuing Studies to offer enrichment classes. These classes are taught by Georgetown instructors, graduate teaching instructors, and top secondary school teachers. Class sizes average between 10-20 students and meet Monday-Thursday for 1½ - 2 hours.

Enrichment classes are a great way for you to learn something interesting and develop new skills. Most classes have homework, papers, and/or tests. Classes are graded on the traditional A, B, C, D, and F system. Official transcripts are available from Georgetown upon request.

See our list of course options for this curriculum. 


Business & Entrepreneurship Academy

Offered during 2 Week Session 1 & 2

The Georgetown Business & Entrepreneurship Academy provides an engaging opportunity for students to delve into the investment and business realms with the following paired courses:

American Business and Economics

Introduction to the principles of economic analysis, economic institutions, and issues of economic policy. Economic and business trends are studied including recession, inflation, market fluctuations, and America’s efforts to remain competitive in the global market place. You will also learn how the investment world has been affected by the recent explosion and implosion of the internet and dot-com businesses. Watch the ticker as you create a mock investment portfolio.

Strategies of Entrepreneurship

Experience an engaging and hands-on opportunity where students investigate all aspects of a real-life entrepreneurial venture, including opportunity recognition, marketing and sales, negotiation, financials, and legal structures; through the lens of their own business ideas.


Global Leadership Academy

Offered during 2 Week Session 1 & 2

This 2 week Academy offer an intensive learning environment with courses meeting in the morning and afternoon. It is recommended that both academy courses be taken together, but they may be taken individually.

Introduction to International Relations and Foreign Policy:

Students examine nations as actors in an international system and the forces which act upon them. Topics covered include the balance of power, nuclear deterrence, international organizations, and global pollution problems. Emphasis is placed on the collapse of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and current destabilization in Haiti, Somalia, and Rwanda and their impact on foreign policy.

Global Leadership Skills and Agents of Social Change: 

The afternoon course combines pertinent discussions and meaningful, relevant guest speakers who personify strong leadership and bring about social change. Learn and implement global leadership skills in the rapidly changing world of entrepreneurship, non-profits, social media, and global communications. Effective leaders of today must not only be able to inspire, but they must also be able to navigate the fluid realms of social responsibility, sustainability, technology, and business/personal ethics in a diverse global economy.


Law Academy

Offered during 2 Week Session 1 & 2

This 2 week Academy offers an intensive learning environment with courses meeting in the morning and afternoon.

Exploring Law - An Introduction to Careers in Law:

An introduction to the American legal system and its traditions. This course exposes students to legal skills including legal analysis, negotiation, cross examination, research, and simulated and actual trials. Students meet with representatives of the legal profession including trial attorneys, judges, law students and professors, and the Dean of Admissions of Georgetown Law School. Students also visit an on-going trial. (Offered AM and PM)

Trial by Jury - Moot Court in Action:

Students will participate in an intensive mock trial as attorneys, defendants, witnesses, judges and jurors. Topics covered include jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross examination, objections, and how to introduce evidence. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury...” (Offered AM)