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Why is our Film, TV & Acting Program awesome?

Are you a movie buff? Television fanatic? Then the programs in Film, TV and Acting offered by Summer Discovery are just the ticket. These intensive programs will teach you the important concepts of screenwriting and acting: structure, formatting, character development, plot and subplot, arc, dialogue, scenes, monologues, and much more. Additionally, you’ll learn the most effective ways to write scripts that studios will love and want to use, as well as how to get cast as an actor. Learn why some scripts work, why some don’t – and have fun doing it! Coordinated by a former writer for Disney, along with other major screenwriters and actors, this program will give you a huge head start as you learn to write and act for TV and movies

Unique Opportunities at Summer Discovery

Our unique teaching style includes field trips to film and television studios and in-class screenings – all of which are integral parts of the program. These screenings, depicting traditional three-act structures, will be used to analyze and provide a better understanding of how a script is crafted, created and acted out. Write and act your way to self-discovery (and perhaps a little fame) in this intensive hands-on program. Please keep in mind that some R-rated films will be shown. With field trips to performances at the GEFFEN Theater, post-show conversations with actors, and guest speakers – casting directors, television producers, movie directors, and talent agents – these programs will redefine the way you think about acting and screenwriting.


“This was truly an amazing experience for me. It opened me up to those all throughout the country and the world and allowed for me to be the best and most outgoing version
 of myself!”

- Jacqueline Klein; Rye Brook, NY 

“I loved this program. This experience made me more independent and gave me a great feel for a college campus. I had so much fun!”

- Caroline Cotler; Chicago, IL 

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