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Crime Scene Investigation

Why is our Crime Scene Investigation Program awesome?

At Summer Discovery, we want to provide you with unique experience in and outside of the classroom. With our Crime Science Investigation program (CSI), student will learn the foundations behind forensic science and investigation. Topic will include: crime scene management; diagramming and sketching; photography; fingerprint, trace physiological and firearms evidence; arson and explosives; and safety issues. As the field of forensics continues to grow, having previous knowledge in this area of study can set you apart.

Unique opportunities offered by Summer Discovery

Students will gain knowledge on core scientific principles and explore major areas in the field, including DNA and fingerprinting. Our courses are geared toward high school students and specified to fit the learning styles considered most effective for young adults.


  • Examine the techniques professionals use to collect and preserve evidence
  • Work to understand crime, law, and deviance in the U.S
  • Utilize the technology and equipment used to interpret evidence
  • …and much more!

This program will allow you, as a student, to gain an in-depth look into crime investigation and evidence collection. Your experience at Summer Discovery will make you a more well-rounded, knowledgeable individual with enhanced academic and life skills.

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