Thinking about studying in the US?

Did you know that nearly one million international students choose to study in the United States? That’s almost 5% of the total student population. Stand out from the crowd with the top benefits from an international study experience:

  • Explore a new culture and broaden your world view while sightseeing in this vast and beautiful country
  • Discover and learn from new teaching styles and methods
  • Improve your English skills and gain an advantage in your future
  • Admissions counselors look favorably on applicants who have studied abroad because it shows commitment to education, leadership, and an ability to take on new challenges
  • Make life-long, international friends who can help grow your professional network throughout your career
  • Gain life experience that can’t be bought, lost, or forgotten!

International students and parents choose our programs

Summer Discovery has over 50 years’ experience delivering unique, pre-college programs to students from 44 states and over 70 countries! We have the most diverse programs including college credit, enrichment, SAT Preparation, Business Academies, STEM programs, Internships, and English Language enrichment. Check them out under each campus page, or view our online catalog

Our Campus Directors have an average of 14 years’ experience with Summer Discovery and their primary concern is your safety and enjoyment. Experience college life and become more independent in some of the best locations in the US! With a huge variety of daily excursions and activities as well as fun weekend trips, you’ll learn while you explore, and make lots of new friends to last a lifetime.

Need help? Summer Discovery’s International Admissions staff will help you through every step of the application and enrollment process.

We will help you find the best program and campus for you, assist with forms, medical insurance, airport transfers, and tourist visa information. We provide international parents with the phone number of the campus you’re on so they can always reach Summer Discovery staff with any questions or problems while on campus.

Before You Arrive

We will ask you for your flight information so that Summer Discovery staff can meet you at the airport and bring you to your campus by air-conditioned coach bus. You will be matched with roommates that suit your personality and lifestyle so you can begin making friends immediately.

Upon Arrival at Campus

You will be warmly welcomed by Summer Discovery staff and “checked in” with your room key, college ID card, and an information packet. After going to your room and meeting your roommate(s), your Resident Counselor (RC) will give your group a tour of campus and the home area around campus. Finally, a comprehensive orientation will be given to all new students, so you’ll understand everything you need to know to have a safe, fun time this summer!

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International Videos

Listen to what our International Students have said in your language:

Know before you go!

Travelling abroad is one of the most exciting and life-enriching things you can do as a young adult. However, it is normal to feel a little nervous about being in a new country, without your friends and family. It is natural to be confused by some of the local customs, food, and traditions you will experience.

One piece of advice for travel anywhere in the world is to be respectful of everyone you meet by being polite and keeping an open mind. Remember that when you visit another country, you are an “Ambassador” of your country and want to make a good impression.

Summer Discovery welcomes students from all states, countries, races, religions, beliefs, and cultures. Part of your learning experience will be to learn about people and cultures that might be very different from your own.

Here are some tips to understanding American culture and values:

  • While America is known as the “land of freedom”, we actually must follow many rules which help keep people safe. Therefore, rules regarding drinking of alcohol, smoking, driving, littering, recycling, fire safety, shoplifting, noise, and dress codes are important to follow by everyone; by locals and visitors like you. Please respect our rules for everyone’s safety.
  • Americans value “time” and are punctual when it comes to getting to work on time, to business meetings, to classes, doctor appointments, and even social events like dates and dinner appointments. PLEASE be on time to class, to meet your RC group, to meet the buses for excursions, and for nightly sign-ins at your residence hall. If you are late, you will hold up everyone in the group, which is considered disrespectful in American culture.
  • If you eat in a restaurant in the US, it is important to “tip” your waiter or waitress, by leaving an extra 15-20% of the total amount for their service.
  • It’s always a good idea to smile and make eye contact when you talk to people. Always say “please” and “thank you” to anyone who has helped you.

Visa information for students participating in a program in the US

Students/parents are responsible for obtaining any required visas. Due to the brief period of time of our programs, international students requiring a visa to come to the US should obtain a short stay B-2 TOURIST visa, (not a STUDENT visa), from the American Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Visitor or short-term study visas may also be required for students participating in our programs in the UK and Singapore. Contact the local Embassy or Consulate for details.

Refund Policy due to Travel Visas Denial

All students are responsible for making travel arrangements and obtaining all travel documents (including visas) necessary to attend our program, in a timely manner. Summer Discovery will refund the entire program fee, less $500, to students denied a travel visa prior to June 1. Summer Discovery will refund the program fee, less $2,000, to students denied a travel visa after June 1. Proof of visa denial is required for a refund.

As of March 12, 2020, if you have made a timely and good faith effort to obtain a visa or if there is a ban from either your country or the destination country, or if we or the university cancels the program, you will receive a full refund with the exception of the application fee, trip insurance and any flights. You may also carry over your tuition to next year if you choose.

Payment procedure for international students participating in a program in the US

All international students living outside the US and attending a program in the US will be assessed a non-refundable $349 International Registration Fee. This fee includes health/medical insurance coverage (with deductible) while attending a Summer Discovery or Discovery Internships program, and airport meet and assist/airport transfers in the US. 

All international payments must be made as follows:

1. By credit card

2. By e-check drawn on a US bank in US funds payable to Musiker Discovery Programs, Inc. (MDP)

2. By wire transfer:

  • This information will be forwarded upon full completion of your application.
  • Bank charges and/or wire transfer fees incurred are the responsibility of the student/parent. MDP will credit only the actual payment in US dollars credited to MDP by The First National Bank of Long Island.