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Dates & Prices

  • 6 Weeks 6/24 - 8/4 $9,299 $8,999 Pre-College Program
  • 4 Weeks 6/24 - 7/21 $7,799 $7,499 Pre-College Program
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6 week program open to students completing grades 10,11 & 12.

4 week program open to students completing grades 9,10,11 & 12.

Tuition includes: Term fees, academic program, use of facilities, housing, 3 meals daily while on campus (2 meals on weekends), recreation access, activities and trips, blanket and pillow.

Not included: Application fee, $70 student ID/technology fee, airfare, airport transfers (available for $40 from Santa Barbara each way), class materials, course supplements, meals eaten off campus, medical expenses, laundry, linens, souvenirs, and personal spending money.


UC Santa Barbara - Research Mentorship Program

6 week program

If you would like to apply to the Research Mentorship Program, please click here.

The Research Mentorship Program (RMP) engages qualified, high-achieving high school students from all over the world in interdisciplinary, hands-on, university-level research. It provides a unique opportunity to experience the process of original research in a wide variety of disciplines.

Join a UCSB research group as they carry out their cutting edge investigations in field, laboratory, and library settings. Work closely with your mentor and become an integral part of their research team. You will work on your project approximately 30-40 hours per week and learn about research techniques, data collection and analysis. Students will learn how to write a technical research paper and will present their findings in a formal research symposium that parents and friends are welcome to attend.

RMP students enroll in two research courses
(4 credits each)

1. Presentation Techniques in Interdisciplinary University Research Introduction to presentation techniques in interdisciplinary university level research. Oral presentation methods, poster presentation structure, elevator pitch techniques. Exposure to a variety of research projects by way of evening lectures given by UCSB researchers or individuals who are leaders in their fields.

2. Introduction to Interdisciplinary University Research Techniques Introduction to university level interdisciplinary research writing techniques. Abstract, introduction, research goals and methods, discussion and results. Reference style techniques. Hands-on guided research experience in laboratories and/or libraries for all disciplines. 

RMP students will gain a deep relationship with their mentor, they will learn about current research techniques, gain insight into professional research-based opportunities, and mature their academic goals. The lecture series - GRIT talks - will connect students to some of the best minds among the UCSB research community who present on their ground-breaking research and innovative technology. Along with these academic benefits, students will be immersed in university life and networked with equally ambitious and curious peers by participating in a variety of fun field trips and special social events.

Research areas include, but are not limited to:

• Anthropology • Engineering • Mathematics
• Biochemistry • Environmental Policy • Media, Arts  & Technology
• Biology • Feminist Studies • Music
• Chemistry • Geography • Neuroscience
• Chicano Studies • Geology • Physics
• Computer Science • Global Studies • Psychology
• Ecology • History • Sociology
• Economics • Materials Science  


Application Requirements

For a full list of requirements and the online application, please visit: http://www.summer.ucsb.edu/pre-college/research-mentorship-program-rmp

The minimum requirement for admission is a 3.8 weighted GPA using honors and AP credit. GPA is only one factor considered for admission to RMP.

For more information, or to inquire about any other research disciplines not listed, please contact UCSB at rmp@summer.ucsb.edu or (805) 893-7053.