Why Us - Leadership


Summer Discovery has been in the summer experience industry for more than 55 years and has been providing superior pre-college programs for 40 years. Partnering with 11 universities across the globe,  Summer Discovery offers world-class academic options for high school and middle school students.

Our leadership is experienced, compassionate, caring, and responsible. On-campus, Directors average 14 years with Summer Discovery, the most experienced in the pre-college programs.

On-campus leadership team:

  • Director
  • Associate Director
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Program Coordinator
  • Wellness Coordinator
  • Resident Counselors

Resident Counselor (RC) Groups

Our Resident Counselors are mature, enthusiastic, and all over 21 years old.

RCs live next to students in the residence halls (several RCs per floor), to ensure a smooth transition to college living. Students are divided into small groups of approximately 10-12, with their own Resident Counselor. Frequent RC group meetings provide a supportive environment for social and academic interaction.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Resident Counselor position, check it our Summer Jobs Page.

Fantastic Instructors

Authentic classes are taught by university instructors, graduate teaching instructors, artisans, and professionals. Most classes are small, collaborative, and interactive, making learning meaningful and fun.

Program Leadership
  • Adriane Thorpe

    Adriane Thorpe

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Bob Musiker

    Bob Musiker

    Owner/Executive Director

  • Jimmy Musiker

    Jimmy Musiker

    Owner/Executive Director

  • Liz Ringel

    Liz Ringel

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • David Kraut

    David Kraut

    Chief Financial Officer

  • John Stieler

    John Stieler

    Head of Sales

  • Miranda Chesson

    Miranda Chesson

    Director of People and Training

  • Jenn Le Blanc

    Jenn Le Blanc

    Director of Summer Staffing

  • Esteban Olivares

    Esteban Olivares

    Director of University Partnerships

  • Caroline Daniel

    Caroline Daniel

    Director of Academics

    Summer Institute for the Gifted

  • Jennifer Kendall

    Jennifer Kendall

    Marketing Manager

  • Liz Clifford

    Liz Clifford

    Director of Summer Operations

  • Stacey Todisco

    Stacey Todisco

    Office Manager

  • Kate Kossar

    Kate Kossar

    Director of Operations

    Summer Institute for the Gifted

  • Michael Chen

    Michael Chen

    Country Director, China

  • Kathy Cheng

    Kathy Cheng

    Business Development Manager

  • Susan Kornick

    Susan Kornick

    Relationship Manager

  • Halley Campbell

    Halley Campbell

    Relationship Manager, Director

  • Megan Mancini

    Megan Mancini

    Senior Summer Program Consultant

  • Jesse Candelario

    Jesse Candelario

    Staffing Manager, Director

  • Maggie Castanon

    Maggie Castanon

    Campus Specialist

  • Lauren Schwab

    Lauren Schwab

    Campus Specialist, Director

  • Jared Eiriksson

    Jared Eiriksson

    Campus Specialist, Director, Salesforce Admin

  • Lauren Kober

    Lauren Kober

    Campus Specialist, Director

  • Riley Blancett

    Riley Blancett

    Campus Specialist, Marketing Coordinator

  • Victoria Santorelli

    Victoria Santorelli

    Campus Specialist, Associate Director

  • Jordan Shapiro

    Jordan Shapiro

    Campus Specialist, Associate Director

  • Daniela Lerma

    Daniela Lerma

    Campus Specialist, Associate Director

  • Jacqueline Kerner

    Jacqueline Kerner

    Campus Specialist

  • Justin Alexander

    Justin Alexander

    Campus Specialist

  • Kelsey Graham

    Kelsey Graham

    Campus Specialist

  • Brandon Cangemi

    Brandon Cangemi

    Summer Program Consultant

  • Diane Rosenblatt

    Diane Rosenblatt

    Summer Program Consultant

    Summer Institute for the Gifted

  • Aaron Gower

    Aaron Gower

    Summer Program Consultant

  • Rachel Lovis

    Rachel Lovis

    Summer Program Consultant

  • Danny Lampel

    Danny Lampel

    IT Manager

  • Michael Weglinski

    Michael Weglinski

    Salesforce Administrator & Developer

  • Miguel Romero

    Miguel Romero

    EdTech Coordinator

  • Arthur Giordano

    Arthur Giordano

    Travel Coordinator

  • Ashley Lauritano

    Ashley Lauritano


  • Lillian Rios

    Lillian Rios

    Accounting Supervisor

  • Sean Grady

    Sean Grady

    Director of Education, UK

  • Tom Fuchs

    Tom Fuchs


  • Dan Simmons

    Dan Simmons


  • Amy Simmons

    Amy Simmons


  • Jon Shulman

    Jon Shulman


  • Jen Block

    Jen Block


  • Doug van der Vossen

    Doug van der Vossen


  • Tim Hoke

    Tim Hoke


  • Sam Berey

    Sam Berey


  • Maureen Stewart

    Maureen Stewart


  • Theresa Exenberger

    Theresa Exenberger


  • Lesley Doff

    Lesley Doff


  • Beth Bennett

    Beth Bennett


  • Maura Denny

    Maura Denny


  • Rodney Monbrum

    Rodney Monbrum


  • Sean McCabe

    Sean McCabe


  • Allison Yaffee

    Allison Yaffee


  • Sergio Pedroza

    Sergio Pedroza


  • Erin Gresh

    Erin Gresh


  • Nick Manuszak

    Nick Manuszak


  • Chandler Fitzgerald

    Chandler Fitzgerald



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