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Get InfoApply NowResidential and commuter programs for Middle School students3 Week ProgramTuition ranging from $3,499 - $6,999For students completing grades 6, 7, 8 (ages 12-14)Photo Gallery
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Here's a list of workshop options. Use the Course Finder below to see workshops offered by Skills for Mind and Skills for Body.

  • BusinessBusiness As Usual - Intro to Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship

    What's a bull market? What’s a no-load mutual fund? What companies are members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average - HECK - what is the Dow Jones? This course will focus on an introduction to economics, business, as well as the philosophy of entrepreneurship. Possible projects include “investing” in the stock market, following trends, creating your own business plan, and examining current economic headlines. You will be able to read a prospectus, learn when to buy and sell your stock and follow the market.

    (Skills for Mind)
    Sports Biz!

    This course is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge and understanding of the principles, processes, and strategies related to the business side of sports and entertainment. The class teaches fundamental principles associated with planning, organization, supervision, promotion, and evaluation of various types of sports-related programs and events.

    (Skills for Mind)
    Jr. Shark

    Do you think you have what it takes pitch the next great business idea? This class is designed to help you learn the how to create, develop and pitch the next best product. You will develop the skills necessary to find success as an entrepreneur. Topics will include learning: the secrets of communicating with teammates to develop a new idea; the art of sales pitch so your idea will standout; the power of self-reflection to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of an idea before anyone else so you can present a flawless final product proposal; and vison and goal development to keep your project focused and achievable.

    (Skills for Mind)
  • ComputersComputer Programming & App Development

    Computer programming is the new literacy for the 21st century. Looking to build your own mobile app or website? Want to learn the basics to create video games or the next great invention? This course looks to develop the basic skills necessary to make it in world of computer programming. Topics will include working in Python and JavaScript. With these languages you will have the fundamentals to become a computer programming expert. Students are required to bring a laptop for this class.

    This workshop offers an intensive learning environment, meeting for the entire morning. Due to the time commitment involved, no other workshop may be taken in conjunction with an Extended Workshop.

    (Skills for Mind)
  • ESL ProgramThe Global Discovery English as a Second Language Institute If you need to improve your English, you’ll find this course of special interest. Taught by certified ESL instructors of the UCLA American Language Center (ALC), the class will focus on English grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and conversation skills. Students will have the opportunity to improve their English language skills by exploring and experiencing the UCLA campus and the greater Westwood community. The workshop is designed to complement the activities and excursions programmed for all students. (Skills for Mind - $295 supplement)Top
  • Healthy LifestyleTotal Health and Wellness What is a Healthy Lifestyle? How do we learn to manage stress, exercise, eating well and relaxation? This class utilizes certified fitness instructors and nutritionists, as well as guest speakers to create a total mind-body wellness experience. The class will focus on 4 areas: cardio fitness, strength training, mind/body/spirit work and nutrition for the body & mind. Cardio Fitness: These days will include fitness testing and an aerobic sampler classes like: spinning, swimming, jogging, cardio combat, cardio hip hop, step, or Zumba. Strength Training: Students work with a trainer to create a moderate impact personal weight training program. Mind/body/spirit: Learn about the effects of stress on the body and about the benefits of a stretching and meditation program. Possible classes include yoga, Pilates, meditation and stretching. Lecture days: Lecture days will focus primarily on nutrition and how to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet, as well as dealing with life’s stresses. Please note students must come dressed to class every day in workout attire. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)Top
  • Law & OrderCrime Scene Investigation - CSI: Los Angeles Are you interested in crime scene investigation? A successful CSI utilizes a step-by-step process in the discovery, preservation and collection of physical evidence. This class introduces students to the principles behind gathering, preserving and investigating evidence using the scientific method. They will examine the techniques professionals use to collect and preserve evidence from crime scenes. They will also learn about crime scene management, diagramming and sketching, photography, fingerprint, trace, physiological, accident and blood spatter forensics among others. (Skills for Mind)The Jr. Peoples Court: Mock Trials In this class you will learn about the process of a trail as well as evidence, witness statements, and arguments. You will be assigned roles as judge, attorneys, witness, defendants, jury members and news media in order to really become a part of a trial. You will argue cases and come up with a trial verdict. Guilty or Not Guilty you will decide. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • MagicMagic Workshop Identify a card someone is merely THINKING of by simply looking into their eyes! Use your MIND to bend ordinary objects! Magic Workshop will teach you the art of performing close-up magic using an ordinary deck of cards and common household objects. Magic is designed to capture students’ interest and help boost self-esteem. Students will learn tricks that they can quickly master and use on family and friends. This class aims to put you center stage. It is part magic class, part theater class, part speech class, and totally AMAZING! (Skills for Mind)Top
  • MathematicsPre-Algebra The SAT is still several years away, but why not get a head start on it. This class will introduce you to the basic techniques of algebra. You will learn about polynomials, sets, equations, exponents and more. This is also a great stepping stone for the math classes you may have to take in high school. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • MusicMusic Production Studio: Create Your Own Sounds

    Do you have dreams of hearing yourself on the radio or producing the next hit recording artist? Learn how to master and release your own music or collaborate with others using the professional tools at UCLA's Studio 22. Using this state of the art sound and recording digital lab, students will learn the bones of music production and spend time recording and mastering their own tracks. This digital suite studio is equipped with multiple editing and recording stations, mics, amps, keyboards and all you'll need to create your own sounds with Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Adobe Creative Cloud at your fingertips.

    (Skills for Mind)
  • PsychologyAnalyze This! Psychology has fascinated students for generations. You’re at a scary movie. The music starts. You feel your heart race. Your palms get sweaty. You start to squirm in your seat. Why are you so afraid when nothing has even happened? This is all part of what your psyche perceives and why people consult psychologists to explain it to them. You will have the opportunity to learn some basics behind psychology. Experiments and surveys will be conducted to enhance the classroom experience. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • Skill BuildingEarly Edge By The Princeton Review Early Edge By The Princeton Review: With increasingly complex high school curricula, and added pressure and competition for college admissions, many families desire to give their children an early edge. Early skills preparation will help navigate the challenges of high school and also help you score your absolute best on admissions tests like the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. To get a head start, we offer Early Edge from The Princeton Review. This comprehensive, skill-building course lays the groundwork for more effective targeted test preparation down the road. It also helps you considerably improve the skills that are needed for the rigors of high school. Early Edge covers several subjects in one comprehensive course: grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing and math/problem solving. Not only are the skills taught in Early Edge useful and relevant, they are also taught in the context of lively exercises and games. Small classes allow our instructors to pin-point individual strengths and weaknesses, for maximum impact. For students completing grades 7 & 8 only. (Skills for Mind - $350 Supplemental fee)Top
  • STEMSTEM/Maker Space Design Creativity

    This hands on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) course provides the opportunity for students to explore the perfect intersection of technology and creative design. Learn how to turn your unique idea into a design reality. Individual and group projects provide students with opportunities to explore circuit and design prototyping, coding and physical computing, modeling and design software, 3D printing and scanning, fabrication, laser cutting and etching. Prototype, refine, and bring your ideas to life in one of UCLA's new Maker Space Labs.

    (Skills for Mind)

  • Visual ArtsExpress Yourself Art Drawing and painting are skills that anyone can learn. You’ll paint and sketch in the studio, along the shores of the beaches of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding areas of the UCLA campus. You will utilize watercolors, charcoal and pencil, and perhaps dabble in sculpture, to express your individual artistic direction. All levels are welcome. (Skills for Mind)Digital Photography & Computer Enhancement Digital Photography, a radically different technique from conventional photography, has changed the world of photography. This class will help you understand how film images are digitally captured, processed, stored and retrieved. Learn how to use a digital SLR, frame and shoot like a pro, and edit and manipulate your images. Students are required to bring their own 35mm digital SLR cameras (not a camera phones) on the first day of class. (Skills for Mind)Video Production: Lights, Camera, Action! A fun-filled crash course on how to make a fictional film anytime, anywhere. You will learn how to produce, direct and star in your own short films. With the option of doing scenes from your favorite movies or writing your own short screenplay, you will get experience in all aspects of film production. At the end of the class you will leave with a DVD of your own films, and students will have the skills to create their own media in the future. (Skills for Mind + $99 supplement)Fashion Design Would you like to be the next Michael Kors, Vera Wang or Marc Jacobs? This class will help you develop your own designs with lessons in drawing, proportion and garment construction, while also exploring the world of fashion and fashion history. Hands on projects enhance a robust curriculum, however, you do not need to be an artist or skilled sewer to take this class, as this class will teach you how to use the proper equipment and develop skills in design and creation. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • WritingCreative / Short Story Writing Learn to be creative and write your way to self-discovery by using poetry, dialogue, journal, and other techniques for probing the self within. Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Stephen King? Or do you simply want to be able to improve your writing skills. You will work on outlining, organization and brainstorming techniques. Students will also share their ideas and work with each other for positive feedback. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • Adventure Sports SamplerAdventure Sports Sampler Challenge yourself to new adventures on UCLA’s campus. Experience activities that will take your breath away as you challenge your mind and body. These exciting group activities take place on a challenge ropes course and our indoor rock climbing gym. The challenge course utilizes a variety of elements and obstacles to present challenges to groups and individuals in a supportive and safe environment. The challenge course instills participants with confidence and enthusiasm, providing lessons and realizations critical to success in the classroom and in life. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)Top
  • Arts & Crafts SamplerArts & Crafts Sampler This workshop introduces the design principles needed for creating artwork. It will also encourage a creative and fun approach to the application of these skills through a variety of techniques and projects; including bead-making, tye-dying, drawing, collage-making, and more. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)Top
  • Campus WalksCampus and Westwood Walks

    Can't decide what you like to do? Then try campus and Westwood walks. Explore the palm lined 419 acre UCLA campus, and stroll through the Botanical gardens, Murphy Sculpture Garden, and past the campus gates adjacent to Westwood Village. The busy Westwood Village is a walk-able historic commercial district with student-friendly restaurants and shops. The Village’s cultural attractions include the innovative Hammer Museum, the acclaimed Geffen Playhouse and Fox Theater, a landmark movie palace that regularly hosts splashy premieres.

    (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop)
  • Grass / Sand VolleyballGrass / Sand Volleyball Sun, grass, sand and spike! Learn the sport that started in sunny southern California. This skills workshop is designed for all players who want to learn and improve skills necessary for this fun-in-the-sun sport that’s a true total body workout. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed & Tues/Thurs Workshop)Top
  • Hip-Hop DanceHip-Hop Dance This is an athletically oriented dance class for those who would like to feel the groove and really move. Various hip-hop styles will be explored. No experience is necessary. Beginner and advanced dancers are welcome. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)Top
  • Hoop It Up! Basketball ClinicHoop It Up! - Basketball Clinic Improve your game! This is a concentrated basketball program emphasizing individual skills, game strategy, playing and practice time. You will have the opportunity to get one-on-one interaction with our professional instructors throughout the course. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)Top
  • Jazz / Funk DanceJazz / Funk Dance Want to learn how to dance like Beyonce in her videos? Jazz-funk (also called street-jazz) is a hybrid of hip-hop and jazz dance. Emphasis is on the basic skills of Jazz technique with a focus on different jazz styles, rhythmic and modern combinations of music and movement. We train students with stretching, warm- ups, across the floor combinations, and choreography, all while drawing out the styles of each individual student. For all levels of dancers. (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop)Top
  • Lawn GamesLawn Games

    Students love their playtime, especially playing outdoors! It’s that time when they can play with their friends and make new ones. While it gives them their daily dose of fun, lawn games are the best way to help kids build some team spirit. Students will engage in traditional lawn games such as Kan Jam, Spike ball, ladder ball, corn hole and more. 

    (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)

  • Rec Sports 101Rec Sports 101

    Students engage in traditional recreation sports and games - traditional school yard games such as dodgeball, kickball, capture the flag, volleyball, wiffle ball, flag football, 4-square, etc. The class will focus on team building, skill development, physical fitness, and leadership.

    (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop)
  • Self DefenseTake Care of Your - Self Defense It’s important to be able to defend yourself if you end up in a hairy situation. This program will teach you to use your body and your mind, as well as elements of the martial arts to help you get fit and feel safer. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)Top
  • SoccerSmall Sided Soccer Learn to score and much more. Improve your knowledge and skill level of the most popular sport in the world. Students will also have more opportunity to play on both sides of the ball! (More exposure to attacking and defending situations), plus engage in game strategy, playing and practice time. (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop)Top
  • Sports ConditioningSports Conditioning Under the supervision of qualified physical trainers and using UCLA’s world-class facilities, a program will be developed for your own abilities using a variety of indoor and outdoor conditioning activities, including calisthenics, competitions, and cardio machines. You will have access to the Stairmaster, rowing machines, life-cycles and more. (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop)Top
  • Tennis @ UCLATennis @ UCLA This program is designed for all levels of play! You will learn how to perfect lobs, serves, volleys, as well as engage in competitive play with your peers. (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop + $175 Supplemental Fee)Top

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