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Dates & Prices

  • 3 Weeks 6/24 - 7/14 $5,799 Pre-College Program
  • 3 Weeks 6/25 - 7/13 $2,999 Day Program (for local students only)

Open to students completing grades 9,10,11 & 12.

Tuition includes: Term fees, academic program, use of facilities, housing, 2 meals daily while on campus, recreation access, activities and trips.

Not included: Application fee, $70 student ID/technology fee, airfare, airport transfers (available for $75 each way), class materials, course supplements, lunch and other meals eaten off campus, medical expenses, laundry, linens, blanket and pillow, souvenirs, and spending money.

Day tuition includes: Day students join the program Monday - Thursday for morning and afternoon classes and optional afternoon activities. Day students are invited to attend our Friday social activities and off campus excursions. One weekday evening of guest speakers is also included. Please note: Day students are not permitted to attend other evening or weekend activities and excursions.

University of Texas Austin - Curriculum & Courses

Sports Medicine Institute

  • Top Sports Medicine Institute
    • Sports Medicine :  Whether you want to be an athletic trainer, team physician, or orthopedic surgeon, this program is for you. Taught by award-winning UT Athletic Training faculty, this is one of the few pre-college opportunities available focused on SEM (Sports and Exercise Medicine).

      Through the courses below, students will learn to:

      • Recognize common athletic injuries and illnesses, the mechanisms, signs, and symptoms, and identify common risk factors.
      • Perform commonly accepted techniques and procedures for clinical evaluation related to common athletic injuries and illnesses including history, inspection, palpation, functional testing, and special evaluation techniques.
      • Provide treatments for athletic injuries and illnesses including triage, administration of first aid, immobilization, and transportation.
      • Recommend and implement basic rehabilitation protocols using therapeutic modalities and rehabilitative exercises to safely return athletes to activity.

      Anatomy for Sports: Learn how the body is structured and functions, with an emphasis on bones, joints, and major muscles used in sports and exercise. Cover the anatomy of common sports injuries and biomechanics. Students will dissect a selection of tissues/organs, view MRIs and X-rays, and handle human skeletal material.

      Students must have completed high school biology with an A/B letter grade.

      Athletic Injuries Care & Prevention: Learn how to prevent and clinically evaluate common athletic injuries, provide treatment (triage, first aid, immobilization), and make rehabilitation recommendations by understanding the mechanisms of athletic injuries. Taught by award-winning UT Athletic Training faculty.

      There will be a materials/lab fee of $30 for this institute