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College Park, Maryland
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High School Career Summer Programs at University of Maryland

College Park, Maryland

Program location cancelled for 2022. Select from UNC-Chapel Hill, NYU, or UC Berkeley to experience our Career Accelerators!
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    Programs at the University of Maryland are canceled for 2022.

    Find another Career Accelerator location for summer 2022 or see Related Campuses + Locations below.

    Other Program Locations

    Pre-College Career Accelerator at University of Maryland

    Located in College Park, Maryland, the University of Maryland boasts extensive research and entrepreneurial options for its students. As the nation's first "Do Good" campus, students participating in this program will take their accelerated learning and have UM's ideals as a foundation to make an extraordinary impact. With access to Hyattsville and Riverdale Park, students are connected to the community for shopping, dining, and activities. You can also take in the Discovery District, the connecting hub between campus and the downtown area. Campus is also a metro ride away from Washington, D.C. so students will have access to the diverse and bustling infrastructure offered by our nation's capital while also settling in to the small-town college atmosphere and the established local network it provides. 

    With access to some of the best medical schools in the country including Johns Hopkins, government facilities including NASA's Full Scale Wind Tunnel Propeller, Lockheed Martin, and the Department of Treasury, students will feel the true acceleration of their program and create a long-lasting and wide-reaching professional network.

    Pre-College Career Accelerator at University of Maryland

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