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Get InfoApply NowSpecial STEM Research and STEM Academies2 or 4 Week ProgramsTuition ranging from $4,999 - $8,399For students completing grades 9, 10, 11, 12 (ages 14-18)
4 WeeksSpend 4 weeks on campus in two 2-week sessions.
2 WeeksSpend 2 weeks on campus.
Option 1: AcademiesIntensive, all-day academies focused on one academic area.
Option 2: ResearchRigorous STEM research options.
  • Academies
    • STEM 10
      • Aerospace, Aeronautics and Astronomy Academy

        This course introduces students to Aerospace Engineering concepts, design challenges, and experiences with aircraft, spacecraft, and related engineering sciences. Students will be doing a mix of activities, but with a focus on having hands on experiences, actively building their knowledge and understanding of Aerospace Engineering and its applications.

        Who Should Take This Course?This academy is for budding engineers who want to contribute to society and solve the world's problems through aerospace engineering innovations.HighlightsThis course includes learning experiences with paper airplanes, gliders, airfoils, a field trip to Wings over the Rockies, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) field trip, Mars Lander and Rover designs, heat shield design, rockets, planetary sciences, wind turbines, tours at CU’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), drones, speakers, and astronaut experiences to name a few.DatesJun 28 - Jul 10: 2 Weeks Session #1  |  Jul 12 - Jul 24: 2 Weeks Session #2Similar Course Available AtU MiamiApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
      • AI and Ethics Academy

        Ever wonder how the Netflix recommendation engine works or how determines what items “you may also like?” All these things are driven by training a computer how to learn using the large datasets. The data science course is a practical introduction to the interdisciplinary field of data science and machine learning which is at the intersection of computer science, statistics, and business. You will learn to use R to help you acquire, parse and model your data. A significant portion of the course will be a hands-on approach to the fundamental modeling techniques and machine learning algorithms that enable you to build robust predictive models of real-world data and test their validity.

        Who Should Take This Course?This academy is suitable for STEM focused students who love the science behind data and machine learning.HighlightsBy the end of the course, students will be able to: Perform exploratory data analysis with R Build and refine machine learning models to predict patterns from data sets Communicate data driven insights to a technical and nontechnical audience alike.DatesJul 12 - Jul 24: 2 Weeks Session #2Similar Course Available AtGeorgetown U, Georgetown Middle School EnrichmentApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
      • Entrepreneurial Technology Academy

        Boulder has been called the Silicon Valley of the front range. A great idea can only get you so far, how do you create a prototype, test your product and develop a great marketing deck? CU Boulder is a hot bed of tech startups that go places. Sphero, Cublets, Specdrums (now owned by Sphero), Bitzbox, SparkFun and many more, all call Boulder home and many started as ideas at the University. You will have a chance to perfect your tech pitch, learn about business models and valuations and get technical support from our top engineers. 

        Who Should Take This Course?Students who are interested in learning about entrepreneurship and technology.HighlightsThis class will be a mix of field trips, technical instruction and business savvy, culminating in a ‘Shark Tank’ like pitch of your own ideas to a panel of judges. The University of Colorado, Boulder is a unique environment that fosters and nurtures new tech start-ups, with Catalyze CU (startup accelerator summer program) and TechSTARS in Boulder, they have a wealth of expertise in making your dreams become reality.DatesJun 28 - Jul 10: 2 Weeks Session #1Similar Course Available AtU MichiganApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
      • Exploring Engineering Academy

        This Academy provides students an introduction to engineering through a series of hands-on engineering design projects. Working in teams, students will learn fundamental engineering concepts and develop valuable skills, including communication skills, how to work collaboratively in teams, and the basic steps in the engineering design process. Students in this course will take on three unique engineering challenges and learn about the engineering design cycle as they compete with fellow classmates.

        Who Should Take This Course?This academy is suitable for STEM focused students who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering and want to understand the various aspects of engineering.HighlightsStudents take on challenges that will expose them to aspects of Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Engineering. Some of these project may include: compressed air-powered vehicles, weight bearing structures challenge, paper mechatronics, circuitry projects and the engineering design cycle.DatesJun 28 - Jul 10: 2 Weeks Session #1  |  Jul 12 - Jul 24: 2 Weeks Session #2Similar Course Available AtUC Santa Barbara, U Texas Austin, U Miami, Cambridge UApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
      • Frontiers in Biotechnology Academy

        This Academy will cover state-of-the-art topics in biotechnology to provide students with an overview of current and future technologies that take advantage of chemicals and biomolecules from nature.

        Who Should Take This Course?This academy is suitable for STEM focused students who love science, particularly in the field of microbiology.HighlightsStudents will have the opportunity to meet with scientists from industry to gain knowledge of how basic research can generate biomedical tools and products.DatesJun 28 - Jul 10: 2 Weeks Session #1Similar Course Available AtUC Santa Barbara, PennApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
      • Maker Technologies Academy

        Learn the fundamentals of programming, circuitry, 3D design and 3D printing in a lively, project-driven environment. Team up and create something completely new: an electronic musical instrument, a kinetic art installation, a piece of interactive clothing, or an computerized toy. You will learn to use TinkerCad to create masterpieces of 3D printing. You will be lead through a series of design challenges aimed at learning the limits of 3D technologies and be able to let you imagination run wild while you create your own design. 

        $150 Supplemental Fee

        Who Should Take This Course?This academy is suitable for students who love science and want to get a hands-on experience in building their own 3D creations.HighlightsEnjoy the autonomy to freely design, build, test, and interact with your creations. Students will also become familiar with SparkFun products while creating unique creations which are limited only by your imagination. Building awesome stuff has never been more fun, or more approachable. You get to take home your RedBot robot and accessories.DatesJun 28 - Jul 10: 2 Weeks Session #1Similar Course Available AtUCLA Middle School EnrichmentApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
      • Neuroscience Academy

        This Academy will dive into topics such as sensory systems, learning and memory, and behavior, and explore numerous questions about the mind and brain from a variety of different perspectives, including anatomy and physiology, neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive science. This course begins with an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the brain, as we learn about different brain structures and their related functions. Hands-on activities and experiments, together with laboratory tours and guest presentations, will build on this foundation and develop our understanding of the brain. We’ll explore the topics of intelligence and artificial intelligence, brain plasticity in the context of development, and the role that genetics may play in behavior.

        Who Should Take This Course?This academy is suitable for STEM focused students who are interested in how the brain works.HighlightsStudents will engage in mini-experiments on topics such as memory, sensory processing, and cognitive load, in order to learn how scientists conduct research on the brain.DatesJul 12 - Jul 24: 2 Weeks Session #2Similar Course Available AtUC Santa Barbara, U Texas Austin, U Miami, Johns Hopkins, PennApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
      • Restoration Ecology Academy

        Ecological Restoration is the practice of intervening to renew degraded ecosystems. With the wide variation of ecosystems, even here in Colorado, how do researchers determine which ecological sites need restoration and which are healthy? The Restoration Ecology Academy will take an in depth look at the ecosystems in Colorado. We will examine how ecosystems are evaluated. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside researchers to gather and analyze data from our local Mud Lake near Nederland, Colorado. They will learn about the components and functions of healthy ecosystems by taking several field trips to local ecological sites where they will practice evaluating the state of ecosystem functions. With the foundation of ecosystems built we will then explore the many ways invasive species can alter ecosystem characteristics such as water quality, soil structure, biodiversity, and wildfire cycles. After learning how invasive species can throw off an ecosystem’s balance we will explore how we can use that knowledge to help restore ecosystem functions.

        Who Should Take This Course?Students who are interested in learning about the relationship that we have with our ecosystems and the process that goes into the restoration of broken ecosystems.HighlightsThis academy involves a lot of field work, and students will visit various sites around the Boulder area and discuss erosion and invasive species, learn how to collect data for analysis, and study the effects of environmental change.DatesJun 28 - Jul 10: 2 Weeks Session #1Similar Course Available AtU MiamiApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
      • Robotics Academy

        Through hands-on experiments, programming design and development, students will learn the basics of robot motion, sensors, and control. Start your course by playing with several robot platforms such as Cubelets, Sphero SPRK+, and Dash and Dot. Students will use their newfound knowledge to program their own Sphero RVR.

        The Sphero RVR is a great way to learn robotics and computer programming. Students will complete experiments to learn how to drive and control their own robot. They will also learn how to develop software programs using standard programming language.

        Students will participate in group activities to design, build, and demonstrate their own robot projects using additional sensors, actuators and other components.

        $175 Lab/Materials Fee

        Who Should Take This Course?This academy is suitable for students who intend to pursue a career in the field of robotics or just enjoy having fun creating their own robots.HighlightsEach student in the class will be issued a SparkFun RedBot robot. The SparkFun RedBot is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of robotics.DatesJul 12 - Jul 24: 2 Weeks Session #2Similar Course Available AtUCLA Middle School Enrichment, UC Santa Barbara, Georgetown U, Georgetown Middle School EnrichmentApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
      • Video Production Academy

        This video production workshop will give you hands-on experiences with producing a video story. You will learn how to take an idea and develop it; how to operate cameras and get the best shots; and how to edit using Adobe Premiere. This workshop follows the stages of video production: pre-production, production and post-production. In pre-production, you and your team will come up with an idea and develop it into a story; in production, your teams will then shoot video, including interviews on camera; finally, in post-production, you will write up your script and then edit your final story. 

        Who Should Take This Course?For students who want to learn about the creation and production of making video stories.HighlightsThe story topics will focus on activities in CU’s Aerospace Department. For example, you could do a story about a CU student who’s involved in designing cube-sats, small satellites that can be conceived and built by students, which are then launched into Earth orbit. Video production is a creative and fun way to assemble stories that will connect with audiences and inform them about interesting topics.DatesJul 12 - Jul 24: 2 Weeks Session #2Similar Course Available AtCambridge U, U MiamiApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939
  • Research
    • STEM 1
      • STEM Research Experience

        Specific research projects vary from year to year and involve a range of STEM disciplines, including ecology, geosciences, computer science, hydrology, environmental science, engineering, psychology, and STEM education. Participants are selected through a competitive application process and assigned to instructors or graduate student mentors based on their research interests. Admission to the STEM Research Experience is selective and based on a record of academic achievement. Students must have 2-3 potential research project topics. Completed applications are evaluated on a rolling basis. Admissions decisions are made by CU-Boulder. Work schedules may vary among different labs. Readings and assignments may be assigned prior to the start of the program.

        Who Should Take This Course?The STEM Research Experience is an intensive program designed to engage highly motivated high school students in university-level STEM research.HighlightsCU-Boulder instructors and graduate students mentor students in this non-credit program. At the end of the program, students display their work during the Idea Forge Expo. Each mentor works with 1-2 students, based on research interest. Students work on their research project 30-40 hours per week, Monday-Friday.DatesJun 28 - Jul 24: 4 WeeksSimilar Course Available AtPenn, UC Santa BarbaraApply NowCall Us: 516-621-3939