Teen Tours

Although we began in 1966 as Musiker teen tours specializing in teen travel, Musiker Discovery Programs’ now offers a wide variety of on campus academic and internship programs at top universities in the U.S. and abroad. Our programs give students the best of both worlds - a home on campus where they can experience college life, along with activities and trips that bring the teen tour travel experience to campus.

Our offerings include pre-college enrichment, internships, study abroad, cultural immersion, language learning, and community service for high school students, as well as middle school enrichment programs. While we no longer operate teen tours, we apply our extensive experience from our teen tour days to create well-rounded programs that incorporate academics, social and cultural activities, opportunities for personal growth, and travel.

There are tons of ways to travel with us this summer: 

  • Visit a different country this summer. We have programs in England.
  • Add a week of travel to your program. Visit London.  
  • Explore a new city for the weekend. Check out Chicago or Paris

Join our Musiker family on campus this summer as we celebrate 51 years of education, travel, friends, and fun.