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2021 Schedule and Courses Coming Soon!

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Courses by Session

  • Summer 2021
    • Business & Entrepreneurship 5
      • Business of Entertainment, Media & Sports: The Entertainment Experience (UCLA Anderson)

        The Business of Entertainment, Media & Sports: The Entertainment Business is a course of study focusing on the entertainment, media, and sports industries. This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the principles of marketing and business development as seen through the lens of the entertainment, media and sports industries. You will the learn the marketing framework of companies that drive these highly competitive, fast-paced, billion-dollar industries forward in their quests to entertain, inform, and inspire the world.

        You will gain a core understanding of marketing strategy, branding, insights and analytics, ethics, and leadership. Additionally, students will explore the factors driving change in these industries. Through case studies and lectures, students will learn about decision-making and strategic planning, consumer behavior, integrated marketing, earned media, sponsorship, sales and business development.


        Felisa Israel

        After a 20+ year career in the NBA, including serving as NBA Entertainment’s Director of Live Programming and Entertainment and helping to start the WNBA, Felisa started her own live event production company, 10 Fold Entertainment. Guided by a passion for creating memorable live moments and a philosophy of doing everything tenfold, Felisa and her team have partnered with some of the biggest names in Sports, Entertainment & Media to produce a variety of successful events, using their unique blend of expertise to excite audiences and exceed expectations at every stop. 

        After leaving the NBA, Felisa wanted to make an impact beyond the world of sports. She has since worked with charities such as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Straight But Not Narrow to produce fundraising and awareness events, moderated and participated in panels with industry experts to help further positive and creative discussions, and built a strong relationship with the UCLA Anderson School of Management, teaching students, hiring and training interns, and influencing the next generation of rock stars in their fields. This experience led her to create IMPACT Internship, a professional development training and internship placement program for college students interested in careers in Sports and Entertainment.

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      • Business of Entertainment, Media, & Sports: The Entertainment Business (UCLA Anderson)

        The Business of Entertainment, Media & Sports: The Entertainment Business is a course of study focusing on the entertainment, media, and sports industries. This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the principles of marketing and business development as seen through the lens of the entertainment, media and sports industries. You will the learn the marketing framework of companies that drive these highly competitive, fast-paced, billion-dollar industries forward in their quests to entertain, inform, and inspire the world.

        You will gain a core understanding of marketing strategy, branding, insights and analytics, ethics, and leadership. Additionally, students will explore the factors driving change in these industries. Through case studies and lectures, students will learn about decision-making and strategic planning, consumer behavior, integrated marketing, earned media, sponsorship, sales and business development.


        Sherí Barros 

        Sherí Barros is an award-winning, accomplished brand marketing executive with a body of work spanning over 18 years across some of the world’s most recognized and respected sports entertainment brands.  Her career includes management of the marketing department for Spurs Sports & Entertainment; Vice President of Marketing for privately-held media, sports and entertainment conglomerate, Cooper Holdings, where she led corporate clients’ sponsorship portfolios across the U.S. within the NBA, MLS, International Soccer, Action Sports, WWE, and worked alongside leading entertainment agencies CAA and United Entertainment Group.

        Ms. Barros’ expertise has been solicited as a Chief Brand Strategist & Consultant.  Additionally, as the Global Strategic Director of Sports Alliances for the American Cancer Society, Sherí works alongside the NFL to lead one of the most impactful cause marketing partnerships in pro sports: the National Football League’s Crucial Catch initiative to fight cancer. 

        In 2019, Sherí was named as an inaugural jury member of the ‘Entertainment for Sport’ Cannes Lions award, one of the most prestigious global marketing awards in the world.  She has served as an Adjunct Professor of Integrated Marketing at New York University, and now an instructor with UCLA’s Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment & Sports (MEMES).  Ms. Barros received her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, and master’s degree from the University of North Texas.

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      • Game Changers in Modern Business (UCLA)

        This course seeks to explore how entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg used their ideas and innovations like Amazon, WeWork, Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb, to change the world. These entrepreneurs have altered the way people think, behave, and act about a certain idea, item, product, or service. This class will examine case studies on some of the most influential entrepreneurs’ strategies, values, risks, and ultimately their results. This course provides the framework to understand the nature of disruption that is happening to industry after industry. Students will then have to demonstrate how they would apply these values as they seek to write their business plan. Students will be able to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to find unique and new approaches to old problems while designing their own disruptive business plan.


        Natasha Lucio
        Natasha Lucio earned her BBA and MBA in Management at the University of Texas-Pan American. While earning her graduate degree, she began working at the Women’s Business Center as a Business Advisor, counseling entrepreneurs on how to start, build, and grow their ventures. She developed numerous seminars on the concepts of innovation, market analysis, the value triad, AI, and technology in business and demand management, just to name a few. 

        Upon graduating, she moved to Los Angeles and worked with high profile celebrities and management agencies where she furthered her understanding and exposure to brand development. This allowed her to gain invaluable first-hand experience in being resourceful, growing, and implementing groundbreaking strategies and creating competitive marketing tactics, which she is now sharing with her students through her courses. 

        Currently, she develops and teaches curriculum for Small Business Development, Opportunity Analysis, Introduction to Business, Concepts of Entrepreneurship, and The Entrepreneurial Mindset. She continues to inspire and motivate students to pursue their ventures and start their own business, guiding them with a step-by-step analysis of business principles and by sharing her knowledge, strategies, and experience.

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      • Innovation in the Music Business (UCLA Anderson)

        This program will give students a foundational overview of how the music business has been transformed by decades of technological and business innovation. Innovation led to music sampling and musical effects in hip-hop. The rise of music videos created a global, multicultural market for recorded music. Digitization created a renaissance for the industry and would later disrupt it entirely – first with Napster and then with iTunes.

        Today, streaming services like Spotify, Internet-connected devices, digital and mobile ticketing, and stadium technologies are radically changing the ways audiences consume and pay for music and music-based experiences. This ongoing evolution continues to shape the business – impacting labels, artists, live event promoters and others pursuing careers in music. And future successful careers will depend on understanding business models, management principles, and, techniques for working and leading in an innovative music industry. 


        Nahshon Craig

        Nahshon L. Craig, Esq. is an entrepreneurial music and media industry executive with 15+ years of combined business and legal experience. He is adept at leading business, commercial, and legal initiatives at creative and digital enterprises from start-up through financings, as well as management of negotiations and drafting process to close strategic partnership deals.

        He is comfortable working in diverse and demanding environments with high-level executives and talent. His strong interpersonal and professional problem-solving skills have led to successes in internal and external negotiations across divisions and platforms. Including recording, publishing, distribution, rights management, streaming, and social media.

        In 2003, Nahshon started as a legal intern for Russell Simmons' Rush Communications. He stayed with the company for over a decade holding multiple positions including: Sr. Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at Rush Communications and Chief Operating Officer for Rush Digital Media, All Def Digital (in partnership with Youtube and Awesomeness TV—Dreamworks SKG) and All Def Music (in partnership with Universal Music Group).

        In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Craig has served as an adjunct instructor at both the UCLA Anderson School of Management/Center for Media Entertainment and Sports (MEMES) and NYU/Tisch/The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

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      • Sports Business (UCLA Anderson)

        This course will provide insight into the ever-changing business of sports and an appreciation for the unique challenges involved in managing sports business enterprises. Students will explore business frameworks including finance, marketing, strategy, and economics. Through an introduction to concepts, analyses, and principles, this academy will challenge students with a wide array of sports business-oriented curriculum. Students will learn to understand the business and management of sports and will be provided with behind the scenes virtual visits to L.A.’s famous arenas and stadiums.


        Mark Francis 

        Mark Francis holds an MBA and MA in Sports Administration and a Diploma in University Teaching from the University of New Brunswick (Canada).  He currently serves as Principal and Founder of MARK ONE Sports & Entertainment in Los Angeles whose key clients have included Concordia University Irvine, UC Irvine, Cal Lutheran University. Edwards Technologies International, Panasonic, California Center and BaAM Productions. He also serves as a Lecturer in Sports Business at UCLA Anderson’s Center for Media, Entertainment and Sports, and is a course developer and lecturer for the MBA program in Hockey Business for Athabasca University in Edmonton, Canada.  Mark also had the privilege of acting as the Lead Instructor for UCLA Extension’s Custom Programs in Sports & Entertainment Marketing in Shanghai, China in 2016, and served in a similar capacity for Jiaotong University of Shanghai in 2018.

        Mark boasts a wealth of experience at all levels of Sports & Entertainment with significant interest and expertise in fan/guest engagement technologies, large-scale event management and marketing. He speaks regularly on numerous topics related to the Business of Sports, having appeared most recently at the 2019 UCLA Anderson Up Next Conference, 2017 UCLA Anderson Big Data Conference, 2018 Prime Time Sports Management Conference (Toronto), 2015 Gravity Summit & UCLA Sports Technology Panel, 2014 SATE Conference in Themed Entertainment, 2014 LA Dodgers/LA Chamber of Commerce panel on Sports Technology, 2014 Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Panel on the “Art of Negotiation in Sports,” 2014 United Talent Agency Panel on Sports Technology, Chapman University Law School, Occidental College, UCLA Extension, University of New Brunswick and UCLA’s Annual Pulse Conference on Sports & Entertainment. Through his current and prior professional associations with numerous esteemed Sports & Entertainment organizations, Mark has developed an extensive professional network of leaders throughout all levels of these industries, many of whom appear annually during his Sports Business program at UCLA Anderson. He also serves on the international board of advisors for the European-based IBJA Sports Alliance Group.

        Mark served Head Coach the Men’s Ice Hockey program at UCLA since 2010 and won the 2017 PAC 8 Conference Championship along with the LA Kings College Cup and Crosstown Cup Championships respectively and he has recently rejoined the Bruins as a Senior Advisor. He was also selected as one of two finalists for the PAC 8 Coach of the Year Award for 2012 and was selected as Head Coach of the PAC-8 Selects at the ACHA National Championships in Philadelphia in 2011 and 2013 respectively. He also served a two-year term serving as the Associate Executive Director of the PAC 8 Men’s Hockey Conference. Mark holds 2 CIS (Canada) National Silver Medals and 2 Atlantic University Sport Championships from his time with the University of New Brunswick Men’s Ice Hockey program.

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    • Digital Marketing 1
      • Digital Marketing & Social Media (UCLA Anderson)

        This Academy will give students both the strategic framework and tactical approach to develop and execute goal-oriented digital marketing and advertising campaigns that enhance brands, create a buzz, and motivate desired consumer behavior. Technology has created a seismic shift in the way media is consumed, and by extension the way marketers reach and engage consumers. The shift of advertising dollars away from traditional media to online platforms requires students learning marketing to be well-versed in digital marketing. Students will learn strategies for how to use platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, mobile apps, online/display, search engine marketing, email, and more. Students will also learn about the various tools and software used to track and optimize campaign performance. This course will provide the opportunity to examine these topics firsthand through reading, case studies, industry speakers, and hands-on projects. Due to the time commitment involved with this program, no other classes may be taken in conjunction with the Anderson Business Academy.


        Irina Shames, MBA, is a multilingual Business Developer and Strategist who is on a mission to help businesses thrive. As a driven innovator and lifelong learner, she firmly believes in the infinite power of knowledge and its pivotal role in progress. Originally from Uzbekistan, Irina lived in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States (New York & LA), but her work took her to many different corners of the world.

        For the last two decades, Irina has spearheaded a multitude of revenue-driving business strategies, media sales, and start-up growth initiatives. Throughout her career, she has been integral to both domestic and international multiplatform revenue growth for multiple prominent global media companies, such as CNN, Viacom, Liongate, WPP, Kevin Hart’s digital platform, as well as took emerging startups to market. 

        Business development aside, Irina is equally passionate about educating. Presently, she serves as an Instructor for a Digital Media and  Entrepreneurship course at UCLA. She also provides mentorship to numerous start-ups and is a Speaker at an array of events and conferences. During her free time, you can find her traveling across the globe and seeking new experiences, which ultimately fuel her love of all things media and business. 

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    • Leadership 1
      • Ideagen Future Global Leaders Academy - presented globally by Microsoft

        This program brings together future leaders from across the globe to engage in hands-on projects that will tackle the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Goals Development. Established in 2015 with input from many nations, these goals have the power to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change.  

        Students in this program are problem-solvers, go-getters, team players, and critical thinkers ready to “roll up their sleeves” and dig into solutions! Students will be assigned teams and a facilitator where they will work on original research to design solutions to their chosen problem. Teamwork will be paired with class time sessions where students will have guest instructors and panelists from a variety of sectors providing lessons on leadership, innovation, goal setting, problem-solving, and more. Each team will present their final solutions via Microsoft Teams to the class – helping students connect with modern business technology and learn virtual public speaking!

        Course Two Week Agenda 

        Week One Overview:
        Global industry leaders will be teaching students about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Ideagen sees this week as crucial for championing future leaders, as the UN SDG’s hold relevant to everyone across the globe. Ideagen’s Future Global Leaders Academy is in a great position to act as a medium for which both domestic and international students may get a headstart in their understanding and relationship with the very goals many of them may someday be striving towards. Students in both the morning and evening sessions will learn 3-4 goals per day. Students will constantly be getting a fresh perspective on goals as different experts will rotate to teach different goals. 

        Week Two Overview: 
        Week two will consist of the students forming teams with the goal of creating a solution to one of the 17 goals. Under the direction of their instructor’s, students will be able to utilize the knowledge gained from week one and actually apply it to real-world situations. Not only does this maintain Ideagen’s goal of fostering cross-sector collaboration in reference to the UN SDGs, but it also encourages students to become actively involved in finding solutions to them. Likewise, it also gives students the opportunity to practice real-world soft skills like leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

        Possible Instructors

        Dr. Sidhant Gupta
        Strategy Advisor

        I invent new sensing techniques and build innovative hardware and software systems to address hard challenges in healthcare sensing, sustainability sensing, and human-computer interaction. My research often requires identifying and exploiting physical phenomena around us in unique ways to continually redefine what, and how, signals can be sensed. In addition to computer science, my research incorporates a deep understanding of applied physics, embedded systems, design-for-manufacturability, machine learning, software-defined radios, and cyber-physical security. More recently,
        I have been interested in revenue growth, competitive business, and go-to-market strategy development.
        In 2014, I graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of Washington's Computer Science and Engineering department specializing in Ubiquitous Computing. My Ph.D. work focused on developing novel sensing technologies and supporting software for the home that uses minimal sensors that are low cost and easy to deploy. I also built and evaluated innovative electro-mechanical haptic feedback interfaces.
        At Microsoft Research, I have previously worked on bridging applied physics with HCI to come up with interesting haptics and sensing techniques. In my current role, I focus on developing wearable sensors for clinical decision making.

        I was named one of Forbes "30 under 30" disrupters in technology by Forbes magazine in January 2012. I enjoy photography, embedded hardware hacking and tinkering, and gourmet cooking. 

        Sean Callinicos
        Government Relations & Public Policy Executive
        Washington, District of Columbia, United States

        With more than 20+ years as a government relations and public policy executive, Sean successfully led teams in complex legislative campaigns for corporations facing significant political, financial, legal, and reputational risk. Sean excels at establishing and developing government relations and public policy teams to work with C-suite executives to achieve business objectives. Sean previously served as general counsel on both personal and committee staff in the US Senate and practiced corporate law. 

        George Sifakis
        CEO and Co-Founder
        Ideagen Global

        Prior to his current role as Ideagen’s Global chairman and CEO, George served as Assistant to the President of the United States and Director of the Office of Public Liaison at the White House. Having served in the Administration of two US Presidents and founded Axela and Ideagen over a decade ago, George has crafted countless successful policy, strategic partnerships, global cross-sector collaboration, grassroots, and executive communications strategies for members. George has served in all branches of the Federal Government including as Executive, Legislative US Senate Committee Staffer at the Committee on Small Business, and Docket Clerk at the US Attorney's Office.
        As Director of Public Liaison at the White House, George was responsible for leading a team, coordinating engagement with Business Leaders, NGO and Public Sector from across all sectors and issues on behalf of the President and Administration.
        George is a frequent speaker at global convenings on a myriad topics. George is Global Chairman and CEO of Ideagen Global LLC, A Global Accelerator where the world's Global Leaders and CEO's from companies, NGO's and public sector convene to develop systemic solutions via catalytic collaboration to solve for x.
        Arlington, Virginia is home for George and his family, including his wife Adriana and three children, George, Alexa, and Evangelia. George is fluent in Greek and enjoys learning how to play golf.

        John R. Mulberger 
        Chief Digital Officer
        Ideagen Global

        John Mulberger was born and raised in historic Alexandria, VA, and graduated high school from TC Williams. He grew up in an entrepreneurial household with both of his parents being founders and executives in successful businesses. This, in part, led him to pursue a business degree, with which he graduated with honors, from the Silberman College of Business at Fairleigh Dickinson University. John is a proud alumni brother of Phi Sigma Kappa and, while pursuing his undergraduate degree, he held numerous positions on his fraternity’s executive board including Vice President. He interned in the business development sector of a promotional products distributor. He was responsible for responding to incoming product inquires, determining and fulfilling the needs of potential customers, and bringing new clients to the firm. John also interned for the Atlantic Council, an international Washington DC-based think tank. While there, he worked in the events department conducting research on potential donors and helping to set up and run special events.

        After achieving his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he went on to achieve a Master's of Marketing degree at the American University’s Kogod School of Business where he served as a graduate ambassador for the program. In his free time, John enjoys being outdoors where he is an avid boater, trap shooter, and fisherman. He enjoys attending local concerts and loves to travel internationally. John can be looked to for his strong communication and speaking skills, as a former DC debate champion, and enjoys engaging others in conversation. He currently serves as the Chief Digital Officer for Ideagen Global where he oversees all digital content, marketing, and branding for the firm. 

        Cooper Henderson
        Director of Executive Engagement
        Ideagen Global

        Cooper Henderson is a Dallas Texas Native with an international and global perspective. He enjoys travel, learning languages, and collaborating with others on an international scale, this in part led him to pursue a degree in International Relations. Upon Graduation from Westlake Academy high school, he attended his first years of college at the prestigious National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. While there his studies focused on Southeast Asian business, politics, culture, and language. After gaining relative fluency in Mandarin Chinese, he returned to the US to further his education at an American University, Texas A&M. While at Texas A&M University He studied international relations with a focus on international politics and diplomacy. In his free time, he served as the Social Chair for Phi Delta Theta fraternity, was an officer in Chinese Club, and was a co-founder of a student mentorship program for underclassman students. 

        After achieving his Bachelor’s degree at the top of his class in International Relations, he went on to serve as a Senior Fellow at Ideagen Global. While in that position he gained experience collaborating and working with some of the world’s top global industries. He has worked with senior representatives from organizations such as Microsoft, The United Nations, AARP, USAID, and more. In his current role as the Director of Executive Engagement and Global Thought Leader for Ideagen, he manages Executive outreach and partnerships with industry CEO’s, Diplomats, and senior staff members.  


        Who/What is Ideagen? 

        Ideagen is dedicated to providing a global platform to foster cross-sector collaboration by the world’s leading Brands, Companies, NGOs and Public Sector to create innovative solutions via collaboration at scale while creating awareness of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

        What is Ideagen’s mission with Summer Discovery? 

        Ideagen’s mission with Summer Discovery is to create awareness, through educating students, of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We want to lay the foundation for future leaders by emphasizing the importance of global awareness and the part that each of us takes in building a better future.  

        What are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)? 

        The UN SGDs are a set of 17 different goals adopted by every member state of the UN, with the mission of spreading shared peace and prosperity by 2030. Some examples of the goals include, no poverty, zero hunger, industry innovation, and quality education. 

        To learn more about these goals please visit the UN website at: 

        Instructors include:

        Sean Callinicos, Former Government affairs director, Cardinal Health 

        Chantal Line Carpentier, UN Trade and Development 

        Dr. Sidhant Gupta, Microsoft Strategy Advisor

        George Sifakis, CEO - Ideagen 

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    • Psychology 1
      • Decoding the Criminal Mind: An Introduction to Criminal Psychology (UCLA)

        This course is an introduction to psychology with an emphasis on criminal behavior. Students will examine the different theories of criminal behavior: psychodynamic, biological, genetic, social learning, behavioral, and cognition, developmental and cultural issues in criminal behavior; sociological theories; violence and aggression; sex offenses; and the role of substance abuse. This course will also explore how law enforcement uses profiling techniques to help identify and capture individuals who have broken the law. After taking this course, students will be able to identify and define psychological terminology and concepts, specifically as they relate to criminal psychology. In addition, students will be able to identify psychological tendencies as they related to criminal behavior, apprehension, and prevention. Students will also be introduced to psychological research and how to analyze and interpret this research. 


        Joseph Dorri

        Joe is an educator and researcher in the field of psychology and college success. He was mentored by and worked with Philip Zimbardo, who conducted the famous Stanford Prison Experiment. Joe has shared his research at the Western Psychological Association’s convention. His accolades include graduating in the top 69 among two million college students, being presented to the California State Legislature, and receiving The Most Promising Future Educator Award. He has taught and mentored youth in psychology, statistics, and martial arts for more than fifteen years. His current mentor is Noam Chomsky, a pioneer in the fields of linguistics and cognitive science. Joe has written a book and founded The Good Student, a nonprofit that uses psychological science to help students succeed in high school and college and live meaningful lives. He also gives research advice to various companies that use physiological measures and gaming programs to support mental health among the public and youth. Joe speaks a couple of languages and presents and facilitates workshops to groups large and small. When not working, he enjoys walking his dogs, having green tea, and making new friends.

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