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Get InfoApply Now26 courses, world-class academics, community, college + career readiness2 week and 3 week options$2,699 - $2,999For students in grades 9, 10, 11, 12

College + Career Readiness

A Summer Discovery experience is about preparing students for college and beyond. We've brought this same philosophy to our virtual campus. With College + Career Readiness workshops, students will learn how to research their future college, improve public speaking skills, and gain application tips. From career panels, to resume writing sessions, to discussions on how to find your perfect major - we're here to help guide students through college and career readiness. 

College Success

Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be ready for college. And by "ready",we don't just mean how to successfully complete a college application. We want our students to feel confident and empowered when they walk onto a college campus as a freshman student. We help students cultivate emotional intelligence and soft skills that will help them succeed beyond the classroom.

Career Exploration

High school students can start preparing now for their future careers with our career readiness workshops. We'll help our students explore the link between interests, majors and possible careers. Panelist will share their college experiences and how those translated into successful career pathways.  We'll help students with some basics, like writing professional emails, creating a LinkedIn profile, and conflict resolution in the workplace setting. It's never too early to start planning - and preparing - for your future!

College + Career Certificate

We believe in the value of our College + Career readiness workshops. That's why we've created an optional certificate program where students can participate in a minimum number of our workshops and sessions to earn a College + Career Certificate from Summer Discovery. This certificate will show potential colleges and professionals that you've invested time and effort into thinking about the world of college and beyond. It shows initiative, preparedness and personal responsibility. All these traits are important to demonstrate to future educators and employers.

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