Our Team

Our University Development and Relationship Task Force works directly with colleges and universities to understand their unique goals and develop solutions to support their summer program needs. We’ve worked in higher education for more than 40 years and understand the challenges and immense opportunities associated with hosting minors on campus. Whether you need support for an existing program or want to develop a new program to increase summer revenues and enhance the recruitment pipeline – we’ve got you covered.

University Development and Relationship Task Force

Esteban Olivares
Director, Educational Development and University Partnerships
Summer Discovery
Esteban is an education leader at the executive level with 10+ years of experience in enrollment management, faculty engagement, capacity building, program development, portfolio, and project management. He assists institutions with developing holistic student experiences to maintain organizational vitality and capacity to engage learners for success.

Bob Musiker
Owner/Executive Director
Summer Discovery
Bob is an experienced executive director with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Bob’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen helps universities and college partners realize their summer program potential.

Liz Clifford
Director, Summer Operations
Summer Discovery
Liz is an experienced director of operations with a demonstrated history working in the education, recreational travel, and the services industry. Liz works directly with our university partners to execute successful summer programs. Her strong operations management skills help ensure a seamless programming experience for our partners.

 “Quote from our partner about how great working with our team has been. Summer Discovery helped me because they are the awesome-est peeps in the entire world. 

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Want to learn more about our managed program offerings? We'd love to connect and understand your needs and goals. We work with each of our partners to craft a unique management plan that will deliver desired results. We want to understand your challenges, your strengths and how we can help drive success for your program. To schedule an initial meeting, contact our Director of Educational Development and University Partnerships, Esteban Olivares at esteban@summerdiscovery.com or call 516-621-3939.