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Our Students

We pride ourselves on positively impacting our student’s future. See what our Alumni are saying about how their summer experience with us has changed their lives and prepared them to for a successful transition to college.

 “I met so many new people and learned so many new things. This has made me realize what I may want my major to be and helped me learn more about my academic strengths and weaknesses.”

- Ayisah A.
Summer Discovery @ Cambridge University

“I will never forget this experience. I’ve met people from all over the world and I really enjoyed learning about not only the topics of the classes but also about the people.”

- Naomi A.
Summer Discovery @ Georgetown University

“This program impacted me by giving me a taste of college life, providing challenging but eye-opening courses, and allowing me to meet new people. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience.”

- Benny W.
Summer Discovery @ the University of Michigan

“I’ve made lifelong friends through this program. I gained insight into what it is like to live in a college atmosphere and take demanding courses. It was a great experience.”

- Leah G.
New York
Summer Discovery @ the University of Pennylvania

“ I enjoyed the various activities Summer Discovery provided us with. I went hiking, paddle boarding, and ice skating for the first time in my life all in one summer. I was able to step out of my little bubble and try new things I thought I would never do.”

- Regine S.
Summer Discovery @ the University of California, Santa Barbara

“I LOVED Summer Discovery. It was an amazing experience that truly helped me prepare for college life. ”

- Hannah K.
Summer Discovery @ UCLA

Our Alumni

We love our alumni! Many of our students are accepted to their top-choice university. We know their Summer Discovery experience helped prepare them for college life by exposing them to different academic options, helping them dive deeper into a specific major of interest, and by helping them develop soft skills that will allow them to thrive in college. Congrats to all our alums! Here are just a few highlights. Want to share your alumni success story? Email alumni@summerdiscovery.com.







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