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Welcome International Agents and Educational Consultants

Summer Discovery, Discovery Internships, and Jr. Discovery is a family-owned business with 52 years’ experience providing pre-college enrichment programs, SAT preparation, and internships for high school and middle school students. We offer Summer programs on 12 University campuses in the U.S. and 2 campuses in England with the widest variety of programs to prepare high school and junior high school students for a successful academic future.

Summer Discovery partners with UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Penn State, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, University of Michigan and many more universities. Students attend real college classes taught by University faculty and staff, and Summer Discovery provides the residential life, activities, safety, and supervision. We host over 3,000 students from 44 states in the U.S. and 80 countries.

Jr. Discovery offers summer enrichment programs for children age 12-14 on the campuses at UCLA, Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and a Gifted and Talented program on the campus of Yale University.

Whether a student is interested in Business, Engineering, Psychology, Medicine, Sports Management, Video Production, Environmental Science, STEM research subjects, or something else, Summer Discovery has the program for you, and some offer college credit.

Summer Discovery is proud to work with international agents and educational consultants. We offer an attractive commission, comprehensive sales training, and a wide range of marketing materials including catalogs, customized flyers, presentations and photographs to assist you in your promotional efforts.

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