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  • Advertising / Marketing / PR

    As a Discovery advertising, marketing, or public relations intern, you could be part of a team producing a commercial or selling advertising space on popular programs such as American Idol or Monday Night Football. You could conduct market research to guide a firm's decisions or draft a press release to alert the media about a product launch or special event.

    Past interns have...

    • Developed marketing and branding strategies
    • Assisted with social networking campaigns on Facebook
    • Shadowed a Search Engine Optimization team to improve a company's Google rank
    • Provided input into the company's creative decisions
    • Helped with on-site marketing promotions or special events
    • Written press releases for internet, magazine, television, or radio media outlets
    • Coordinated and attended promotional events

    What is Advertising, Marketing, & PR?

    Advertising is an industry where products come to life! Advertising is the business of drawing the public’s attention to products or services through various forms of media such as TV, radio, internet, or billboards, with clients paying for message placement. As the internet and technology continue to evolve, new methods of advertising such as mobile texting and social networking on websites such Facebook and Twitter are gaining market share as advertising mediums. Advertising focuses on the art of promotion and may involve work at an advertising agency or promotions department.

    Marketing is sometimes incorrectly used interchangeably with advertising, but advertising is actually a subset of marketing. Marketing is the positioning of a product in the marketplace. In addition to promotion, marketing also includes product, price, and placement (the 4 Ps). Marketing professionals typically try to understand the marketplace, identify latent demand, and then assess opportunities for profit by introducing a product or service to the market or alter an existing product or service to be more profitable. This process includes developing, pricing, and distributing the product, in addition to advertising it. Marketing is an exciting industry that blends creativity with social science and, increasingly, quantitative abilities. Marketing professionals are often involved with a product or service from creation to promotion and work in every industry imaginable.

    Public Relations professionals generate publicity and raise awareness of individuals, companies, or products for clients.  PR demands good verbal and written communication skills. PR agents work directly with the press on behalf of clients. They write press releases and may be involved in developing marketing strategies. PR professionals must be in tune with current events and trends to understand how to gain the public’s attention.

  • Architecture / Interior Design

    As a Discovery architecture or internior design intern, you could work with architects or design professionals that design, draw, build scale models, write, or distinguish how the interior of a structure or room will look, feel, and function.

    Past interns have...

    • Attended client meetings to negotiate bids and understand client needs
    • Worked on projects using industry specific software such as auto-CAD and Photoshop
    • Worked with architecture or design firms to learn about the planning, design, and construction of a building.
    • Visited jobsites to learn about zoning, permits, and codes
    • Learned about product, building, or furniture design, architecture, and traditional decoration.
    • Helped develop designs for retail boutiques, corporate spaces, hotels, private residences, restaurants, and more
    • Attended client and vendor meetings, conducted research on creative products and possible clients

    What is Architecture and Interior Design?

    Architecture is the imaginative blend of art and science in the design of environments for people. Problem-solving, decision-making, team leadership and creativity are key elements in making architecture and lead to the tremendous excitement that comes from seeing a design idea become a physical reality. Most architects do not construct the buildings they design; that is usually done by construction firms. However, smaller projects such as houses are often built by the architect who designs them. Architects also develop projects on their own or in conjunction with financial advisors, real-estate developers or others. They may also teach, research, or consult.

    Interior Design draws upon many disciplines including architecture, product design, and traditional decoration.  An interior designer is responsible for both decoration and functionality of a client’s space. Spaces can be commercial, industrial, or residential and may include retail boutiques, corporate spaces, hotels, private residences, restaurants, and more. Interior designers work with textiles, fabrics, paints, furniture, and art to create a space to achieve the clients’ goal, whether it is calm, bold, energetic or sophisticated.

  • Arts Administration

    Discovery interns could support museum education and community outreach programs, sales, or operations. Professionals in the industry work at small galleries and nationally renowned museums working directly with the artists, arranging sale, scheduling an exhibition, educating a customer on a particular piece or tracing artifacts back in time.

    Past interns have...

    • Learned about historical art and artifacts in museums and galleries
    • Assisted museums and galleries with operations
    • Coordinated education programs
    • Interacted with buyers at art galleries and helped execute transactions

    What is Arts Administration?

    Art galleries are showrooms and points of sale for pieces of art from all over the world. Galleries may specialize in a specific period or type of art or they may feature a wide range. Galleries are in the business of buying and selling artwork to private and corporate clients, as well as museums and other purchasers of art.

    Museums are open to the public and showcase art for viewing. Professionals in the industry play an important role in shaping the historical record and influencing what accounts for "high art."

  • Casting / Talent Agency

    As a Discovery casting and talent intern, work “behind the scenes” in this exciting industry. While working at a casting or talent agency, rub elbows with up-an-comers and celebrities across many entertainment genres, from stage and screen actors, to models, musicians, dancers, and more. Learn about how casting directors select talent for camera, stage, microphone, and film. Students interested in performing in front of the camera or directing, producing, or casting will find this to be an ideal industry to grow their experience. Casting is an important step in the pre-production process of any stage or screen performance.

    Past interns have...

    • Assisted agents with identifying and inviting talent for auditions
    • Scheduled castings and called talent for call-back meetings
    • Put together talent submissions and production packaging
    • Read screen plays and scripts
    • Assisted with interviews and auditions
    • Participated in audition tape reviews and feedback

    What is Casting and Talent?

    A casting agency consists of specialized staff in charge of the organizational work behind managing large scale auditions. They are in charge of booking studios for auditions, scheduling actors to audition, identifying appropriate talent for a given role, and managing the audition process from start to finish. Casting agents take submissions from agents for their projects, but also recommend and call in outside actors appropriate for current casting projects.

    A Discovery Internships intern in this field may greet talent and collect headshots and resumes, accompany agents on interviews and auditions, participate in audition tape discussions and in generating feedback, and assisting with technical support in the studio. On days when castings are not taking place, interns may help with drafting casting goals, help with reviewing submissions, as well as notifying actors of upcoming callbacks. Additionally, interns may be answering phones, help with maintaining the studio, organizing agents’ and clients’ schedules, and sending audition photos and resumes to casting directors.

  • Computer Technologies

    A Discovery computer technology intern could work with a team of professional computer engineers working on a program to create something new or come up with a solution for software that already exists. Interns in this field may oversee web design, complex software such as Java, C, and C++. Interns could gain hands on experience developing their own software, writing the code with professionals coaching them along the way.

    Past interns have...

    • Gained experience in computer hardware and software projects
    • Gained hands-on experience with search engine marketing campaigns
    • Shadowed a graphic artist while assisting creatively and physically on Web Design projects
    • Assisted with Technical support (IT) and computer programming projects

    What is Computer Technology?

    Computer and information technologies (I.T.) are a vital part of today’s society. Although the essential groundwork for the industry was established during World War II, I.T. really came of age in the 90s and has continued to be one of the fastest growing industries of the new millennium. There are many different aspects to information technology including software and hardware design, web design and development, database programming, networking, and much more. Technicians tend to specialize in niche areas of the industry, while those more interested in the business of I.T. tend to move around a bit more.

    On the technical side, computer engineers design and develop applications and systems software, which are instructions that tell a computer what to do, step by step. These applications are found in all aspects of society from consumer products to a diverse range of business and government uses. Computer engineers use special codes and languages to write software to make it operational.

    Another popular aspect of I.T. is web design. Web designers use type, images, and other visual devices to create a digital interface that is easily navigable by an end user. Web design is as much a creative field as it is a technical one. It is also a highly competitive industry that has been the subject of significant outsourcing.

    These are just a few examples of the kinds of careers in the I.T. industry. Change happens fast and new techniques and applications are being developed every day. A career in I.T. could take you any number of different places, often overlapping with other industries. For instance, marketing or finance professional are increasingly employing experts at "data mining" to develop techniques for analyzing massive amounts of consumer data that may reveal ideas for a new product or investment. In the green space, experts are turning to the I.T. industry for sustainability solutions. If you're looking for a dynamic career with unlimited possibilities, I.T. could be the place for you.

  • Culinary / Restaurant Management

    As a Culinary Art/Restaurant intern with Discovery Internships, you may find yourself doing hands on work with a professionally-trained chef to create and prepare exquisite meals or perhaps a savory dessert. Interns could work in a restaurant, pastry shop, or culinary educational institution. Interns may also coordinate schedules with employees, work with food and beverage suppliers, coordinate shipments, or design and price menus.

    Past interns have...

    • Experienced small, medium and large restaurants
    • Learned countless recipes, through preparation and creation
    • Shadowed the Executive Sous Chef in running the kitchen staff
    • Gained exposure to every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Assisted with all courses, appetizers, entrees, and desserts

    What is Culinary and Restaurant Management?

    There are hundreds of career options for someone who wants to work with food, from cooks and chefs, caterers, food writers, food stylists, recipe testers, cookbook writers, cooking teachers, demonstration chefs, or cooking show hosts. The most common career path within the Culinary Arts profession starts with a position as a chef. Chefs skillfully create and prepare meals or desserts that are as pleasing to the palate as to the eye.

    Restaurant Managers keep themselves very busy in this fast paced industry by selecting and pricing menu items, hiring chefs and servers, estimating food consumption, negotiating with food and beverage suppliers while simultaneously supervising all operations. Being a successful restauranteur is as much about managing inventory, marketing, and sound financial planning as it is about serving a delicious meal. The restaurant business is one of the most competitive industries in the world and it takes much more than top notch culinary skills to be successful.

  • Education

    A Discovery education intern may work with summer programs, educating students on one of many subjects. An education intern may also oversee summer schools, special education, or work in a museum or classroom.

    Past interns have...

    • Worked in a school, museum, community organization, childcare facility or hospital alongside of industry professionals
    • Learned about curriculum design and helped develop age-appropriate lesson plans
    • Taught lessons or lead activities for children in groups, or one-on-one
    • Worked with children and adults with special needs

    What is Education?

    Education is about more than just teachers, grades, reading, writing, and arithmetic. The education industry is broad and includes public and private primary schools, secondary schools, and institutions of higher education, as well as a host of other government, non-profit, and private organizations. The education industry is a multibillion dollar industry with thousands of consulting firms, curriculum development companies, textbook publishers, and other corporations of all sizes and specializations that support efforts in the classroom. There are many other opportunities in the industry outside of schools and other traditional institutions of learning. Child development programs and the massive test preparation industry are just two examples. Furthermore, there are many opportunities in education policy, education research, or experiential education models.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Discovery Interns have worked in a variety of start-up businesses ranging from tech companies to fashion firms. All of the start-ups we work with are in the hands of experienced entrepreneurs. Interns at these nascent firms get the opportunity to wear many hats and work on many exciting projects that would normally be left to full-time employees at a more established company. One of our entrepreneurship internships is a great chance to see what it really takes to start and run a business, and perhaps to be a part of the next big thing. If you want to start your own business in the future then a hands-on experience learning from the pros will be an awesome first step!

    Past interns have...

    • Setup a music festival including logos, hiring musicians, and promotions
    • Built relationships directly with business owners to establish international trade agreements
    • Generated new business opportunities through innovative marketing strategies and partnership ideas
    • Developed new fashion designs for big label companies
    • Enhanced website designs, functionality, and effectiveness

    What is Entrepreneurship?

    Entrepreneurship is a career with endless possibilities! An entrepreneur is an individual who has as an idea or vision and is willing to take substantial risk in order to construct that vision into reality. Entrepreneur’s start companies, finance all or some of the risk, employ people, and ultimately generate revenue. Entrepreneurship is the heart of any economy. Entrepreneurs start all kinds of ventures from websites and clothing lines to financial institutions and medical facilities. Increasingly, social entrepreneurship is a term used for entrepreneurs who start non-profit organizations or businesses with a strong social mission.

    We are passionate about the power of entrepreneurship and strongly encourage any student interested in exploring his or her entrepreneurial side to consider an internship at one of the many exciting start-up companies we have partnerships with.

  • Environmental Science & Policy

    Past interns have...

    • Researched and implemented more environmentally friendly business practices.
    • Promoted their company’s environmental initiatives to the media and other clients.
    • Worked with environmental protection agencies on conservation measures.
    • Worked with policymakers on environmental legislation.

    What is Environmental Science and Policy?

    In the same way that I.T. - information technologies - was the one of the principal drivers of economic growth in the past quarter century, the prolific New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has been famously saying that E.T. - energy technologies - will be the next great global industry. "Green tech" is one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy and workers in the industry not only command higher salaries and increased job security, but they also can take solace in the fact that they are helping to improve the planet's environment and the people and places that depend on healthy ecosystems.

    The burgeoning "green" industry is extremely interdisciplinary. It combines elements of both physical science (physics, chemistry, biology) and social science, such as economics and politics. This job sector offers numerous opportunities in engineering and other technical fields, business, policy and government, non-profit, and more. If you want to be a leader in the next great global industry, an internship in environmental science and policy is the best place to start. The industry can be approached from many different perspectives. For instance, environmental consulting firms help organizations reduce their energy usage and save money, policymakers look for ways to influence public decision making on environmental matters, engineering firms design and build more energy efficient products, non-profit conservation groups raise awareness about specific environmental issues, and many corporations even have Chief Sustainability Officers to help guide their company's environmental programs. In short, organizations of all kinds and sizes know that it's good to be green and there are numerous ways to get involved in the industry.

  • Event Planning

    As a Discovery event planning intern you may be arranging the décor, food and entertainment or creating guest lists and working “the door.”  Event planning duties often include running the event on the day of the celebration, interacting with the host, bride or special guest. As an intern you could research event sites, work on advertising and promotions for the event, coordinate logistics, and much more.

    Past interns have...

    • Attended client meetings and worked on client proposals
    • Created press kits            
    • Helped to present prospective event details to clients 
    • Assisted with preparing materials for events
    • Worked with people-team work and communication to make the event come together successfully

    What is Event Planning?

    Event planning is a fast-paced industry the demands attention to detail and a high level of organization. Event planners organize fundraisers, music festivals, weddings, private parties, corporate product launches, and other elaborate events. The event planning industry has grown enormously in the last 10 to 15 years and continues to grow today.  An event planner may be involved in selecting an event site, contracting vendors, creating event promotions, and conducting research for the event.

  • Fashion

    As a Discovery fashion intern you could work with fashion designers who create sketches, use advanced graphics software to finalize their vision for a dress, and finally select fabrics and materials. You could learn about production, promotion, inventory management, and other aspects of the fashion business. You might sit in on meetings with designers and clients, put together press books, or attend photo shoots or fashion shows. You could interact with buyers, designers, public relations agents, photographers, and stylists. You could also spend time learning about textiles, fashion marketing, journalism and many other aspects of the exciting fashion industry!

    Past interns have...

    • Learned about clothing and accessory lines and the latest trends in the industry
    • Created original designs and explored the creative process from sketch to finished product
    • Selected fabric swatches, buttons, and sequins for designs
    • Visited production factories
    • Learned about the business and marketing side of the fashion industry
    • Worked in showrooms featuring designer clothing lines and accessories sold to department stores, boutiques, and online
    • Assisted with magazine photo shoots, fashion shows, industry events and fashion line launches with PR campaigns

    What is Fashion?

    Fashion is art! Fashion designers are the heart and vision behind dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories that you see on the street and in the stores. Fashion designers can work for one fashion company as in-house designers, for themselves as a freelance designer, for individual clients, or for a specific boutique or department store. Other sectors of the industry include fashion journalism, fashion merchandising, marketing, production, and other aspects of the fashion business.

    Fashion merchandising is the business of buying, promoting, and selling fashion items, including clothing, jewelry, and accessories

    Buyers decide what items will be purchased for a given store on the basis of trends and demographics. Professionals in the industry visit trade fairs, showrooms, and fashion shows. Buyers work for both large department stores and small boutiques.

  • Film / Television

    Lights. Camera. Action.  As a Discovery film and television intern you could work behind the scenes to promote a show or film, work on set as a production assistant, or help a talent agency manage their portfolio of clients.

    Past interns have...

    • Learned technical aspects like lighting, sound, filming, and editing
    • Assisted talent scouts with casting for upcoming projects
    • Supported editors with post-production
    • Interned for a casting and talent agency
    • Helped with various other aspects of production

    What is Film and Televison?

    It takes a lot to bring a TV or movie to life.In general, TV or film production is a complex, expensive, and highly collaborative process that brings creative talent together with business interests. The entertainment industry is one of the biggest in the US and one of the most difficult to break into. Actors, producers, and directors are only a few of the people involved in the making of a movie or TV show. Whether you want to be on the business side of the industry or the creative side, an internship is the best way to get your foot in the door.

  • Finance / Real Estate Investment

    A Discovery finance and real estate investment intern could analyze an investment opportunity, conduct research for a hedge fund, or even help design a customized retirement portfolio.

    Past interns have...

    • Learned about the stock market and about credit derivatives
    • Assisted financial specialists in analyzing and managing real estate accounts, profits, and overhead
    • Researched stock purchases
    • Analyzed government budgets
    • Conducted financial analysis and risk assessments
    • Gained exposure to investment strategies in the real estate market

    What is Finance and Real Estate Investment?

    Money does, in fact, make the world go round. The financial services industry refers to organizations involved in the borrowing and lending of money. The flow of money into and out of investments around the world is the very lifeblood of the global economy. The high-stakes and big pay checks have made the field of finance desirable for many young professionals and, despite an economic downturn that has tempered job growth in the sector, long-term industry growth will certainly be strong.

    The industry  can be broadly categorized into three sectors: public, personal, and business finance. Finance Internships for high school studentsAccountants, investment bankers, stock brokers, financial advisers, and hedge fund managers are just a few examples of professionals in the industry.

    Accountants help individuals and firms prepare financial statements and decide how to utilize their financial resources. Corporate finance officers help companies raise capital for new plans or products. Public finance professionals raise money to build roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. Financial advisors help build an individual financial portfolio.

    Many internship opportunities in the financial field are in the real estate sector where million or billion dollar decisions hinge on the right analysis and risk assessment.

    Real estate plays a critical role today’s economy, as clearly evidenced by the negative impact of subprime lending in the real estate market on financial institutions in 2008 and 2009. There are many different paths to choose in real estate: Appraisers analyze research to determine the value of a property. Banks and mortgage lenders evaluate a client's credit and risk profile to make investment decisions. Agents and brokers mediate the transaction between parties.

  • Hotel Management / Hospitality

    As a Discovery intern, you could work with one or all of the many management divisions. You may work in an internal role or you could interact directly with both leisure and business travelers.

    Past interns have...

    • Gained exposure in every department of a premiere hotel including: front desk, concierge, human resources, restaurant, finance, sales and business management
    • Trained with industry experts
    • Mastered essential guest relations tools
    • Learned about the hiring and interview process
    • Sat in on meetings to assess and enhance the hospitality model

    What is Hotel Management and Hospitality?

    Hotel management and hospitality professionals are the key players behind a comfortable room and good food. There are many career opportunities within the industry. Convention managers arrange special events at a hotel or resort; food and beverage managers prepare menus and hire restaurant and service staff; and Hotel Internships for high school students entertainment and Spa Managers who arrange luxury accommodations. A General Manager of a Hotel looks over all aspects and in addition setting room rates, controls the budget expenditures, and establishes standards for service to guests, decor, housekeeping, food quality, and banquet operations.

  • Journalism / Media / Publishing

    As a Discovery intern you could learn about the media industry through a company that works within one or more mediums, including the Internet, print publications, radio, or television. You could investigate information for an upcoming publication, work on-site at a live broadcast, work for a publishing house, or fact check vital information prior to an article's release.

    Past interns have...

    • Worked with leading media, entertainment and consumer products companies
    • Assisted in creating and editing magazines, newsletters and other exciting publications.
    • Worked with leading media, entertainment and consumer products companies
    • Conducted interviews for stories and articles
    • Tracked coverage for online editorial reports
    • Learned how to professionally apply layouts in publications
    • Learned how to work under deadline
    • Compiled press releases

    What is Journalism/Media/Publishing?

    Media and communications companies specialize in the delivery of information and data. There are many different aspects of the industry including print media, broadcast media, and the news media.

    Journalism influences the world around us by  passing on news and current events through newspaper, TV, radio, magazines, the internet and other forms of new media. Professions in the field include reporters, editors, photographers, TV and radio broadcast announcers, among others. Depending on interest, a journalist can specialize in fields such as politics, sports, science or investigative topics.

  • Law

    A Discovery law intern could work in a private law office, public agency, or court of law. Learn about the field of law and the U.S Judicial system, visit a court room, and learn from partners, associates, and paralegals.

    Past interns have...

    • Shadowed judges and lawyers during trials, hearings, and court cases
    • Analyzed case reports and interacted with judges, lawyers, and administrators
    • Assisted lawyers with case research and client management

    What is Law?

    Lawyers act as both advocates and advisers in our society. As advocates, they stand for an individual in criminal and civil trials by presenting evidence and arguing in court to support their defense. As advisers, lawyers counsel their clients about their legal rights and obligations and suggest particular courses of action in business and personal matters.

    Many lawyers work in a private practice and focus on civil or criminal law. Civil law encompasses issues such as wills, trusts, contracts or any general issue that requires the judicial system to arbitrate an agreement between two or parties. In criminal law, lawyers defend or prosecute those who have committed or have been affected directly by crime. 

    Lawyers typically specialize in a specific area of interest - personal injury, environmental, intellectual property, bankruptcy, and many more. Corporate law, which concerns the legal formation and governance of corporations, represents another significant section of the legal profession.

  • Medicine / Healthcare

    As a Discovery intern, you could work in a hospital or clinic, shadow doctors on rounds, observe hands-on procedures, assist with patient intake, or help in pediatrics. Please note, medical internship placements are typically coordinated via the volunteer services department.

    Past interns have...

    • Experience the fast-pace environment of emergency rooms
    • Interned in radiology, cardiovascular centers, nutrition departments, in otolaryngology, oncology, and in recreational therapy departments
    • Observed surgeries, conducted medical research, and learned about medical administration

    What is Medical or Healthcare?

    Do you dream of becoming a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, nutritionist, sports trainer, medical researcher or medical internships for high school studentsother medical professional? Everyday in communities around the country, healthcare professionals work in neighborhood clinics, hospitals, offices, homeless shelters, and schools to prevent disease and treat illness.

    There are also countless opportunities to work in the healthcare industry that don't involve the practice of medicine such as insurance, medical equipment manufacturing, and healthcare policy. Many aspects of the industry are in need of skilled professionals, and job security and sector growth are above average.

  • Music Production & Business

    As a Discovery music intern, you may learn about the business side of the music industry or get in the studio to learn about music production. Interns may hone public relations and marketing skills at a record label by helping to launch new artists or albums or learn about financing projects and talent representation.

    Past interns have...

    • Worked across all genres of music with producers, sound engineers, musicians, agents, bookers, promoters, and business managers
    • Gained experience at radio stations, record labels, marketing firms, recording studios, or another exciting sector of the music industry
    • Shadowed artists, sound engineers and producers while learning the latest in music technology as well as helping to edit the final product

    What is Music Production?

    Music professionals create and market music. Those in this industry find new talent, choose music to be recorded, arrange for studio time, and include executives, technicians, background musicians, and engineers. Some professionals emphasize the technical side of the industry, working in the studio as technicians, engineers, or producers. Others work on the business side of the industry as ad marketing and promotions professionals.

  • Non-Profit / Social Services

    As a Discovery intern, you may work closely with an environmental, social, or political nonprofit agency. Interns may also work in a social services department helping our fellow citizens. Non-profits can be locally focused or have extraordinary global reach. In recent years, the number of non-profit organizations has proliferated and experts have suggested that these organizations carry increasingly significant influence over policy and business decisions. Wages tend to be below average in the non-profit sector, although top personnel at global organizations now routinely earn six figure salaries or more.

    Past interns have...

    • Worked with underserved populations or those in need at a not-for-profit organization, domestic or international charity, or social service agency 
    • Helped with fundraisers, coordinated volunteer projects, supported the arts, education, or health, and worked on issues related to child welfare, homelessness, special needs populations, and social justice
    • Worked in the capacity of philanthropy, advocacy, or worked directly with clients

    What is Non-Profit/Social Services?

    A non-profit organization is formed for the purpose of serving a public, charitable, educational, or service for purposes other than making money.  Nonprofits are tax-exempt and generally have a mission that enhances the public welfare. Make a difference by helping others and supporting community causes in this industry. Professionals in this field work in social services and improve the condition of disadvantaged people in society. This profession is committed to social justice and resolving social issues among all socioeconomic statuses.

  • Photography

    As a Discovery photography intern you could arrange and assist with photo shoots, work on Photoshop projects, learn how to use the latest equipment and camera technology, learn about lighting, help with a casting, or maybe have the opportunity to shoot a job!

    Past interns have...

    • Worked in studios alongside of professionals to learn about the business of photography while honing their artistic craft
    • Participated in casting to select talent for creative photographs
    • Worked with commercial photographers on everything from fashion shoots to portraiture, documentary and photojournalism projects, weddings and architectural photography

    What is Photography?

    A professional photographer has an eye for art and human beauty.  They create still or moving pictures and manipulate them with advanced computer technology. More than half of all photographers specialize in commercial or portrait photography or photojournalism. Commercial photography involves taking pictures to be used in advertisements, catalogs and brochures. Editorial photographers work for magazines and newspapers. Some photographers specialize in special events such as weddings while photojournalists photograph people, places, and things for print or online media sources.

  • Politics & Government

    A Discovery Politics & Government intern will get a glimpse of what it takes to make it in the world of politics, connect with constituents and hear about their important issues, and make a difference in the community. Interns may work on a campaign, lobby to help pass legislation, attend hearings, press conferences, rallies, media relations or other events.

    Past interns have...

    • Worked for the office of an elected official such a Senator, Assemblyman, or Governor
    • Worked for a political campaign
    • Worked with a government agency or politically oriented non-governmental organization

    What is Politics and Government?

    Work for politicians or organizations involved in public decision making. Politicians support constituents’ concerns and draft the legislation to improve social well-being, tax laws, government spending, and much more. Political activism refers to groups or individuals working outside the formal government sector to influence social, political, or economic changes, and justice.

    Work in politics or government may involve supporting the campaign to elect a political figure to alter policies among a community or to help run a government office or agency.

  • Psychology

    A Discovery psychology intern might be exposed to researching the physical, cognitive, emotional aspects of human behavior. An intern may find themselves in a mental care unit of a hospital, private clinic, or research lab.

    Past interns have...

    • Worked directly with psychological clinicians
    • Directly assisted individuals with Autism and Alzheimer’s and other developmental diseases
    • Been part of a collegiate psychological research team working with professors, graduate and undergraduate students delving into fascinating topics
    • Got their research work published! 
    • Learned how to use psychiatric interviewing skills to evaluate patients

    What is Psychology?

    Psychology is the study of you! Psychologists study the human mind and human behavior, they have discovered what part of your brain makes you feel happy or sad. Psychologists apply their knowledge to a wide range of areas and most often specialize in Clinical and Counseling, Industrial-Organizational or Experimental Research Psychology.

    The most common practice, Clinical and Counseling Psychologists spend their time in private settings, clinics or hospitals and determine and treat mental illnesses and problems that may occur in everyday life such as career or personal stress. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists apply psychological methods to improve corporate work life and productivity. Experimental Research Psychologists work in universities or nonprofit organizations and study the behaviors of both human begins, animals and rats to determine the effects of substance abuse, memory, and human reactions.

  • Sports

    As a Discovery sports intern, you could see one of many different aspects of the industry. Sports professionals can be found working at educational institutions, professional sports organizations, or in companies that supply, support, or partner with teams and franchises. As a Discovery Intern, you could be placed at an internship in any one of these types of organizations within the industry. Please note, it is extremely unlikely that you will be working with a major league franchise, although an internship in the sports industry as a high school student will certainly help you take a big step towards that future goal. Interns in the sports industry are much more likely to be involved in "back office" activities and administrative work than in other industries. Furthermore, sports is one of our most popular industries and internships are highly competitive and limited in number. Students applying for sports internships after our December early application deadline should choose at least one backup industry preference when applying.

    Past interns have...

    • Assisted professional players like the Boston Red Sox’s Jon Lestor
    • Conducted player research and created presentations on draft picks
    • Conducted in-stadium market research (for example, interviewing fans about their customer experience)
    • Helped with venue logistics before, during, and after games
    • Assisted with marketing and advertising idea creation and execution

    What is Sports?

    Sports professionals combine the love they have for sports with business and marketing skills to reach their ultimate goal. From high profile major league sports, college, high school, amateur or international, spectator sports are a popular source for entertainment and sports management professionals are behind the scenes, making it all come to life!   Similar to the varied positions on a sports team, there are also many "players" in the sports management profession. Sports information directors act as a liaison between teams and athletic departments, preparing press releases and organizing “media days”. Athletic directors and general managers report to team owners, an educational director, or a principle to make personnel decisions such as the hiring of team coaches. They also oversee scheduling along with a variety of other logistical tasks within the organization. Sports agents work with players and coaches to negotiate contracts and sponsorship opportunities. Business development professionals solicit advertisers, and analyze and incubate new revenue streams. There are dozens of other aspects of the sports industry such as merchandising, sponsorship sales and cross-marketing initiatives, equipment and apparel manufacturing, and much more.

  • Theater

    As a Discovery theater intern, you could work in drama, comedy, or musical theater and work on various different aspects of production. You could collaborate with performers, directors, stage production professionals, or business managers who are all working in sync to bring the stage to life.

    Past interns have...

    • Gained ownership of the stage management role
    • Shadowed the casting directors evaluating auditions
    • Creatively attracting guests to the shows with marketing and advertising campaigns
    • Assisted with lighting and technical aspects of shows
    • Had the opportunity to act and learn how to direct

    What is Theater?

    Theater and performing arts dates back in history to 2500 BC. It is an adventure that requires both collective effort and individual achievement. A single production brings together the skills of performers, designers, playwrights, scene construction and lighting experts. Theater professionals love what they do, and so does their audience! Production is the backbone of each scene. Each carefully composed scene is framed, lit, and paced to bring meaning to the script. Every detail, from where the actors stand to the sound of rustling leaves, is the result of planning and cooperation.

  • Veterinary Medicine

    As a Discovery veterinarian intern, you could work with veterinarians in private practices treating companion pets, interact with pet owners, or observe and assist with surgical procedures.

    Past interns have...

    • Shadowed and assisted doctors and animal clinicians in caring for animals
    • Gained exposure to surgery and rehab
    • Experienced client interactions and management
    • Learned how to operate an animal clinic

    What is Veterinary Medicine?

    Veterinarians care for the health and wellbeing of pets, livestock, zoo animals, racetracks and laboratories. Most veterinarians diagnose animal health problems; vaccinate against diseases, such as distemper and rabies; medicate animals suffering from infections or illnesses; treat and dress wounds; set fractures; perform surgery; and advise owners about animal feeding, behavior, and breeding. While the majority of veterinarians work with small companion pets, many are also large animal vets. They work with livestock to inspect for any diseases that may be harmful to the animal, or to humans, such as E.coli, and then advise owners, typically farmers, on treatment.

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