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Please take a look below to make sure that you are eligible for our internships programs.

Eligible Students are...

In High School completing 10, 11 or 12th grade; are 15-18 years old at the time of participation; can read, write and speak English fluently

Ineligible Students are...

In Middle School, College or University; are under 15 or over 18; are non-fluent English speakers

Am I eligible for Discovery Internships?

If you are a high school student that will be age 15-18 this summer then you are eligible for Discovery Internships. Most participants are rising high school seniors (completed junior year), however we also receive many applications from rising juniors. Students that have completed their senior year are also eligible provided they are under 19. All Discovery Internships participants must have completed the 10th grade.

Am I eligible for the commuter program?

Permanent residents of New York or London, and their surrounding areas, can participate in our internship programs as commuter students. To be eligible, you must live within a 1 hour commute of the city.

Will I be accepted into Discovery Internships?

When making our acceptance decisions we look for students who can demonstrate sufficient maturity and motivation to enter a professional work environment. Admission to Discovery Internships is competitive. You will be notified of the admission decision after the completed application is received and the phone interview is conducted. Students do not necessarily need to have outstanding grades or previous work experience to gain acceptance.

Do I need previous internship or professional experience?

Most students have not previously done a professional internship. Certain internship opportunities, however, do require familiarity with relevant technology or other advanced skills. Students who have a portfolio, advanced computer skills, prior professional experience, or other unique or extraordinary skills may have additional opportunities available to them.

I just graduated High School – am I eligible for the Discovery Internships Program?

Yes, you are eligible for the program, provided you are under 19 and have not begun college.

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