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Our process is simple, seamless and easy. We help find you an internship in one of your top fields, guaranteed!

  1. Application
    Apply online
  2. Recommendation, Transcript & Interview
    School submits online and Internship Coordinator arranges Skype interview
  3. Acceptance & Placement Plan
    Decision within 5 days and receive customized internship plan
  4. Enrollment
    Secure your spot with online deposit
  5. Site Plan
    Placement typically within 6-8 weeks
  6. Internship Match
    Details provided including location, responsibilities, and dress code

Commuter Student option available for Discovery Internships. Students must be living with parent or guardian within one hour commuting distance of the city. Attend our pre-internship orientation and Career Development Series (required). Commuter students do not participate in evening and weekend activities, and do not receive housing or meals.

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