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Get InfoApply NowResidential and commuter programs for Middle School students2 Week ProgramTuition ranging from $2,999 - $5,599For students completing grades 6, 7, 8 (ages 12-14)


Here's a list of workshop options. Use the Course Finder below to see workshops offered by Skills for Mind and Skills for Body.

  • Arts & Crafts SamplerArts & Crafts Sampler

    This workshop introduces the design principles needed for creating artwork. It will also encourage a creative and fun approach to the application of these skills through a variety of techniques and projects; including bead-making, tye-dying, drawing, collage-making, and more.

    (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop)
  • BasketballBasketball This coed program is under the direction of Georgetown Recreation players and coaches. Improve your game with a concentrated basketball program emphasizing individual skills, game strategy, playing and practice time. (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop)Top
  • BusinessUnderstanding Business, Markets and Investing What’s a bull market? Why do they call it no-load? Is the Internet a safe way to invest? What companies are part of the DJIA? This class will invest some time and teach you the ways of the American economy and markets. You will be able to read a prospectus, learn when to buy and sell your stock and follow the market. You will also learn how the investment world has been affected by the recent explosion of the Internet. With all of this knowledge, the class will put together a mock mini-investment portfolio and (hopefully) watch it grow! (Skills for Mind)Become an Entrepreneur – Business Start Up Learn what it takes to get your idea off the ground and into the world. Explore all aspects of a real-life entrepreneurial venture, including creation, development and sales pitch of the next best product. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • ESL - LanguageEnglish as a Second Language for International Students If you need to improve your English, you’ll find this course of special interest. Taught by a certified ESL instructor, the class will focus on English grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and conversation skills. Students will have the opportunity to improve their English language skills by exploring and experiencing the Georgetown campus and the greater Washington D.C. community. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • Everybody Dance Now!Everybody Dance Now! How can I learn to dance like those people on videos? What is considered modern dance? No dance partners needed, this body workshop will focus on individual modern movement. You will learn what makes jazz dance different from tap. You will learn to hip-hop and impress your friends. For all levels of dancers. This workshop will end with a performance for the Jr. Discovery group. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)Top
  • Group TennisGroup Tennis Learn from the best at the Jr. Discovery tennis program. Local pros and players have designed a program for all skill levels of play. You will learn how to perfect your lob and serve, and more at the Georgetown University outdoor courts. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop + $125 Supplemental Fee)Top
  • LawCrime Scene Investigation - CSI: Georgetown Are you interested in crime scene investigation? Successful CSI utilizes a step-by-step process in the discovery, preservation, and collection of physical evidence. This workshop examines the techniques professionals use to collect and preserve evidence from crime scenes. Learn about crime scene management; diagramming and sketching; photography; fingerprint, trace, impression, physiological and firearms evidence; arson and explosives; and safety issues. (Skills for Mind)Sports and Entertainment Law

    Why are agents and attorneys becoming celebrities? You will examine the legal issues surrounding performers, athletes, and stars in film, television, music and sports. Topics will include contracts, performance-based incentives, salary caps, licensing agreements and more.

    (Skills for Mind)
    Order in the Court – Mock Trial Explore the process of a trial as well as evidence, witness statements, and arguments. You will be assigned roles as judge, attorneys, witness, defendants, jury members and news media in order to really become a part of a trial. You will argue cases and come up with a trial verdict. Guilty or Not Guilty you will decide. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • LeadershipLeaders of Tomorrow

    Students learn about the concept of “team” within an organization’s structure, where most leaders begin to develop influential skills. Leading teams involves managing different personalities, cultures, conflicting political agendas, and varying skill levels. Through participating in and observing team dynamics, students determine the principles of building highly effective teams.

  • Outdoor SamplerHiking / Kayaking / Canoeing / Swimming / Biking

    Can’t decide what you like to do? Then why not try out a sampler of outdoor activities. You will go hiking on Theodore Roosevelt Island, kayak or canoe the Potomac River, swimming at Yates Pool and biking along the C&OCanal Towpath. (All equipment provided)

    (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)
  • PhotographyDigital Photography & Computer Enhancement Digital Photography, a radically different technique from conventional photography, has changed the world of photography. This class will help you understand how film images are digitally captured, processed, stored and retrieved. Learn how to use a digital SLR, frame and shoot like a pro, and edit and manipulate your images. Students are required to bring their own 35mm digital SLR cameras (not a camera phones) on the first day of class. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • PsychologyAnalyze This! Psychology has fascinated students for generations. You’re at a scary movie. The music starts. You feel your heart race. Your palms get sweaty. You start to squirm in your seat. Why are you so afraid when nothing has even happened? This is all part of what your psyche perceives and why people consult psychologists to explain it to them. You will have the opportunity to learn some basics behind psychology. Psychological experiments will be conducted to enhance the classroom experience. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • Public SpeakingSpeaking Out! Public Speaking How would you like to have a better chance at winning an argument with your parents or siblings? If it’s your parents, a group of friends or reading your book report aloud, you will develop the basic skills it takes to get your point of view across. You will learn delivery styles, verbal and non-verbal techniques and proven ways to begin conquering your fear of speaking out. (Skills for Mind)Top
  • Skill BuildingEarly Edge By The Princeton Review With increasingly complex high school curricula, and added pressure and competition for college admissions, many families desire to give their children an early edge. Early skills preparation will help navigate the challenges of high school and also help you score your absolute best on admissions tests like the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. To get a head start, we offer Early Edge from The Princeton Review. This comprehensive, skill-building course lays the groundwork for more effective targeted test preparation down the road. It also helps you considerably improve the skills that are needed for the rigors of high school. Early Edge covers several subjects in one comprehensive course: grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing and math/problem solving. Not only are the skills taught in Early Edge useful and relevant, they are also taught in the context of lively exercises and games. Small classes allow our instructors to pin-point individual strengths and weaknesses, for maximum impact. For students completing grades 7 & 8 only. (Skills for Mind - Workshop 2 - $350 Supplemental fee)Top
  • Sports ConditioningSports Conditioning You’ve seen it on T.V., your friends are doing it, now it is your turn. This dynamic-duo high-intensity workout improves your strength, health and is a lot of fun. Get ready for some great tunes and a full-body workout, that also increases power, balance, flexibility and mental focus. (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop)Top
  • VolleyballVolleyball Sun, sand, spike! Learn the sport that started in sunny southern California. This course is designed for players of all levels who want to learn and improve skills necessary for this fun-in-the-sun sport that’s a true total body workout. (Skills for Body - Mon/Wed Workshop)Top
  • WritingEssay Writing Workshop Why not amaze your high school or middle school teachers with your written prowess? Get a head start on your classmates and learn what it takes to succeed in that high school literature class. You will examine various elements of grammar, mechanics and syntax. The class will break into small workshops to help develop your craft. Don’t be afraid, pick up that pen and write! (Skills for Mind)Top
  • Yoga GrooveYoga

    This dynamic-duo high-intensity workout improves your strength, health, and is a lot of fun. Get ready for some great tunes and a full-body workout, that also increases power, balance, flexibility and mental focus.

    (Skills for Body - Tues/Thurs Workshop)