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Looking to enhance your college application? Take your Career Accelerator experience a step further and get college credit while you are on campus this summer! 

Offered in partnership with Marist College, all Career Accelerator students can earn three college credits with the addition of the Career Development (CRDV) 107: Career Accelerator course: Academic credit though Marist College Summer 2023. 

Enhance Your College Application

By enrolling in the optional college credit program, you can showcase your willingness to challenge yourself and take on additional responsibilities beyond typical high school requirements. When applying to colleges, you can include the course on your application and indicate that it has earned you college credits. This can be a valuable addition to your application, demonstrating your commitment to academic excellence and ability to handle college-level coursework. 

  • How many credits can I earn? 
    • Credits: 3 
  • Am I eligible?
    • Career Development 107 course for college credit is available to students who have completed 10th-12th grade and are enrolled in a Summer Discovery Career Accelerator course.  
  • What is the cost? 
    • Once you submit your application for college credit, you will be charged an additional fee of $395. 
  • What are the requirements of the credit course?  
    • Complete a minimum of 45 academic contact hours on campus. 
    • Active participation in all planned College and Career Panels.  
    • Active participation in all planned academic site visits.  
    • During the program, complete three types of journal entries for evaluation: 
      • Reflect upon lessons learned from one College and Career Panel and one academic site visit (one each) 
      • Three journal entries during the program reflecting upon your Career Accelerator Experience 
      • Final entry identifying three actionable goals for the following academic year to advance their educational/career path development (500 words).  
    • Students will demonstrate completion of all journal entries no later than the last class day of the program, and entries will be reviewed by a Summer Discovery Course Advisor.  
    • The Summer Discovery Course Advisor will manage all course coordination, material submission and assignment review through Canvas learning platform.  
  • How will I be evaluated? 
    • Course performance will be evaluated based on successful completion of the course requirements. A Summer Discovery Course Advisor will be assigned to support and assess students virtually during completion of the program.  Grades are granted on a “Pass / No-Credit / Unsatisfactory” basis. A pass (P) grade is given to students who successfully complete all course requirements (assignments and attendance) at high quality; no credit (NC) is given to students who met all attendance requirements but whose assignments are not to the required standard; and unsatisfactory (U) is given to students who have not met the required attendance requirements.   
  • What are the registration requirements? 
    • By Friday, May 26:  
      • Submit a Formal Transcript 
      • Complete Transcript Request Form 
      • Once you enroll in your Career Accelerator course, you will have access to select the college credit option on your application and will be charged the supplemental fee.  
  • What will I receive after the completion of the course? 
    • Students will receive a hard copy of their official transcript mailed to the address listed on their Marist Transcript Request form (completed by student, submitted by SD). 
  • Will my credits transfer to other universities? 
    • Each college and university has specific policies concerning academic credit from other institutions. While Marist college credits are transferrable to many colleges and universities within the United States, transfer of credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. 
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