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Summer Discovery Middle School Enrichment Program at Georgetown University

2, 4 Week

The Science Behind Crime Solving

On CampusAge Range 11, 12, 13

Whether you find yourself captivated by the intricate world of crime scenes, eager to unravel the path from evidence to justice, or you’re simply fascinated by the actors who bring it to life on TV, this program invites students to embark on a journey into the realm of crime scene investigation. Explore the techniques, tools, and methodologies employed by seasoned investigators in the field of forensics. Students will not only understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of evidence but also learn the intricacies of upholding the chain of custody as they delve into their own crime scene investigation. In this hands-on experience, students will actively participate in the processes of discovering, preserving, and analyzing evidence, including the examination of fingerprints and fibers. They will also engage in diagramming, sketching, and photography, all while navigating the intricacies of balancing critical factors in cases involving firearms evidence, arson, and explosives. Embark on our journey into crime scene investigations and discover if the world on television crime dramas just might become your new reality.

Dates & Tuition
  • Jun 30 - Jul 26: Residential Program - $10,899
  • Jul 1 - Jul 25: Commuter Program - $6,399
  • Jun 30 - Jul 12: Residential Program - $6,999
  • Jul 1 - Jul 11: Commuter Program - $3,899
  • Jul 14 - Jul 26: Residential Program - $6,999
  • Jul 15 - Jul 25: Commuter Program - $3,899
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