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  1. Use the filters below to design your pre-college summer adventure based on your favorite campus, subjects and more. There are three types of academic experiences you can choose from:
    • Summer Enrichment – Choose one morning and one afternoon course offered at the same campus to find out where your true passions lie.
    • Academies – Choose a subject-focused Academy, like Sports Business, Screenwriting and more to spend both academic periods diving deep into that topic.
    • Apply now! Receive your admissions decisions in 1-3 business days.  
  2. Enroll to secure your spot! If you've selected Summer Enrichment, register for your morning and afternoon courses as soon as you've completed your enrollment. 

Summer Discovery Middle School Enrichment Program at Georgetown University

2, 4 Week

Careers in Medicine: An Introduction

On CampusAge Range 11, 12, 13

Do you have a dream of becoming a doctor? Ignite your passion for a career in medicine! This course will help you explore your options and provide insight into practicing medicine in the United States. Explore different aspects of the medical field - from clinical spaces to public health policy and administration. Learn how to navigate American medical school and evaluate your talents and preferences to identify what areas of medicine you may want to study. Through a combination of in-class lectures, presentations, and discussions, students will take their learning outside the classroom and be armed with the information they need to make informed decisions about career options in medicine and health science. Students will discuss current hot topics including medical ethics, health disparities, biomedical research, epidemics, health care costs, cancer research, genetic engineering, and health care reform. Whether you’re drawn to the precision of surgery, the compassion of nursing, or the innovation of research, students will have the foundational knowledge to decide how they want to begin thinking about continued course work in the field of medicine and healthcare!

Dates & Tuition
  • Jun 30 - Jul 26: Residential Program - $10,899
  • Jul 1 - Jul 25: Commuter Program - $6,399
  • Jun 30 - Jul 12: Residential Program - $6,999
  • Jul 1 - Jul 11: Commuter Program - $3,899
  • Jul 14 - Jul 26: Residential Program - $6,999
  • Jul 15 - Jul 25: Commuter Program - $3,899
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