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University of Pennsylvania

3 Weeks

Global Culture and Communication Academy

On Campus $5,700 - $21,115Age Range 14-18

The Global Culture and Communication Academy seeks to offer students a foundation for understanding the intricate and complex relationship between language, culture, communicative practices, and the role we play as individuals in the globalized world of today. The course will focus on key ideas to provide a basis for nuanced practices, reflections, and strategies that are associated with 21st-century skills and essential behaviors of a global citizen. The Global Culture and Communication Academy is fully residential with no commuter or online options.

Based on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Can-do statements, students will achieve various investigative and interactive objectives by the end of the course:

  • In my own and other cultures, I can explain how stereotypes influence a country’s products or marketing strategies
  • I can share my interpretations of a piece of art of music with someone else while respecting theirs
  • I can respond to a social media post in a culturally appropriate manner
  • In my own and other cultures, I can explain how globalized products impact society and individual lifestyles
  • I can collaborate on an online project to explain misconceptions underlying stereotypes
  • Through active learning, students will collaborate with their peers in activities that seek to promote nuanced reflection, keen observation, and transformative practices when engaging in intercultural communication.
Highlights Guest lectures by Penn faculty and Philadelphia-area leaders in language, culture, and business Experiential activities designed to encourage reflection and communication on course topics Experienced language and culture instructor
Dates & Tuition
  • Jul 10 - Jul 28: Research Academy - $5,500
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