Why Us - Scholarships


Summer Discovery is proud to award almost $200,000 in scholarships to deserving students annually. Scholarship assistance to students and their families is provided in several ways.

Partner Organizations

Scholarships are distributed through mentoring organizations that are offered to their students on our behalf. We are proud partners of the following organizations:

Fundraising Opportunities 

Summer Discovery understands that students may require additional financial assistance to support their Summer Discovery experience. Here are a few ideas to help.

  • Reach out to your school counselor for academic fundraising and scholarship opportunities. Many counselors can provide a list of grants and scholarship opportunities for summer programs.
  • Some students opt to use crowdfunding sites to help support their experience. Crowdfunding involves securing funds through family, friends, and others in your network. Sites like GoFundMe.com provide platforms for crowdfunding efforts. Be sure to evaluate these sites for any overhead fees or costs. Share your passion and your "why" to gain more support. 
  • Another source of funding can come from community organizations. Churches, clubs, associations, and civic groups may be willing to support your academic pursuits. Be prepared when asking for outside funding to go over who you are, the program details, and why you will benefit from attending a Summer Discovery program. 
  • Check out sites like FundMyTravel.com to help with travel expenses for summer programs. This is another form of crowdfunding that is focused on the travel costs.
  • Use birthdays and holidays as an opportunity to raise money for your experience. Encourage anyone wanting to give you a gift to donate to your summer experience fund.

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