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  • Jun 1 - Jul  22TBD 3 Weeks: rESEARCH aCADEMIESSocial Sciences, STEM
  • Jul 13 - Jul 21TBD 2 Weeks: Session A - Penn Prep Arts & Design, Life Skills, Social Sciences,  STEM
  • Jul 27 - Aug 4TBD 2 Weeks Session B - pENN pREPArts & Design, Life Skills, Social Sciences, STEM

The Penn Summer Prep Program allows ambitious students to enroll in two undergraduate-level modules from across disciplines while benefiting from the rich educational resources of the University. Students can also experience college life on Penn’s historic campus and explore the vibrant city of Philadelphia.

Academies are subject-intensive three-week programs that fuse sophisticated scientific or social theory with relevant applications. The science academies draw upon Penn's cutting-edge technology and resources to provide innovative lab experiences while the social academies draw upon the rich history and diversity of Philadelphia to provide a sociologically comprehensive summer experience.


Commuter students join the program Monday-Friday for classes only. They do not attend evening or weekend activities and excursions and no overnight stays are permitted.

Please Note: The commuter option is available to local Philadelphia-area students interested in attending the program, which does not include housing and meals. 

Commuter Tuition Includes: 

  • Term Fees
  • Full academic program 
  • Use of Penn facilities and libraries
  • Extracurricular and social activities during the weekdays between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm
  • Access to Student Health Services for non-emergency care

Commuter Tuition Does Not Include: 

  • Transportation to and from your home
  • Books and classroom materials
  • Dining plan
  • Medical expenses 
  • Recreation pass
  • Souvenirs and personal spending money
  • Weekday evening (after 6:00pm) and weekend trips, excursions, and activities

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