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Prepare for your future career in medicine and healthcare.

This exploration of the field of medicine will encourage deep learning and practical application of the technical and personal skills necessary to succeed as a medical professional. Action-based simulations led by experts will expose students to the daily work life of a medical professional, including suturing, dissection, trauma response, and clinical diagnostic simulations, case studies, and lively class discussions. Features will include visits to simulation labs, medical research institutes, and panelists in various stages of healthcare careers. This interactive approach to learning encourages teamwork, teaches leadership, and targets higher-order learning that students can apply to a future career in medicine and beyond.

Prepare for your future career in medicine and healthcare.

Who should take this course?

This course is suitable for students who want to discover if a career in medicine is the right path for them or develop a better understanding of the different paths that can lead them to medical school.

Program Highlights

  • Interactive action-based experiences including dissections, suturing, and trauma response simulations will give students practice in the core foundations of medicine in preparation for their journey into their professional career.
  • Guest speakers and career exploration panels will provide students with insights covering multiple paths to reaching a career in medicine.
  • Students will learn from doctors, participate in an interactive curriculum led by field experts, visit an accredited medical school, and apply deep learning through a compelling capstone project.

Immersive simulations prepare students for a career in the medical field.

Take your education beyond the classroom! Through these immersive experiences, students will learn the essential discipline-specific knowledge and develop the technical skills necessary to become future leaders in the medical field.

Experiential learning activities include:

  • hands-on dissections
  • suturing
  • trauma response simulations
  • medical  anatomy
Immersive simulations prepare students for a career in the medical field.

Engage directly with medical practitioners and med students to find your path.

You’ll learn from accredited medical practitioners and medical students who are involved closely in classroom instruction throughout the program. Renowned guest speakers and career exploration experiences will provide students with insights covering multiple paths to reaching a career in medicine and hone the flexibility and determination required to succeed.

There will be three Road to College and Career Q&A Panels with the following themes:

Road to College - Pick the brains of current pre-med students

Life After College – Engage with current post-baccalaureate and medical school students

Path to Careers – Learn about the road to medicine from established medical professionals in private practice, specialized fields, and research institutes.

Engage directly with medical practitioners and med students to find your path.

Our leadership training prepares students for careers in the medical field.

Leadership training includes the following themes:

  • Innovation
  • G.R.I.T. ® (Growth Mindset, Risk and Integrity for Twenty-first Century Leadership)
  • Collaboration
  • Communication & Group Dynamics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Information Literacy
  • Media Literacy
  • Technology Literacy
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Initiative and Self Direction
  • Social and Cross-Cultural Competences
  • Productivity & Accountability
  • Leadership and Responsibility
Our leadership training prepares students for careers in the medical field.

Possible Site Visit Locations

By Campus

World-Class Instructors Within the Field

Our Career Accelerators are taught by world-class instructors. Check-out our Med School Prep instructor at UC Berkeley!

Dr. Amin Azzam completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Rochester, medical school at the Medical College of Virginia, and psychiatry residency at the University of California, San Francisco Department of Psychiatry. He then enrolled in a two-year research fellowship in psychiatric genetics, before discovering that his true passion was in medical education. Deciding that 27 years of formal education just wasn’t enough, he went back to school for a masters’ degree in education, at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on quantitative methods and evaluation. He has dedicated his career to innovations in health professional schools, including Problem Based Learning (PBL), Simulation Based Learning (SBL), and Open Educational Pedagogy (OEP). He remains clinically active—running long-term psychotherapy groups for patients with chronic illnesses. 

Dr. Azzam’s research interests include exploring the efficacy of various instructional approaches in stimulating health-professional students’ acquisition, retention, and application of content knowledge in their evolving roles as clinicians. Beginning in 2013, Dr. Azzam created the world’s first elective course for medical students to receive academic credit for improving health-related information on Wikipedia. Across his academic and non-academic roles, Dr. Azzam promotes Wikipedia-editing as a teaching & learning strategy across health professional schools. By the start of 2018, Wikipedia-editing assignments were integrated into formal educational settings in 10 health professional schools located in the United States, Israel, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. By spring 2022, over 2,000 health professional students across dozens of university courses had added 1.91 million words, 206 images, and 23,000 references to 1,360 health-related Wikipedia pages. These Wikipedia pages have been viewed 84.1 million times since students improved them.

World-Class Instructors Within the Field

University of California, Berkeley

  • UCSF School of Medicine
  • Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Trauma Center and Learning Lab
  • Gladstone Institutes at University of California, San Francisco
  • University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry

Campus Locations

Where our Pre-College Career Accelerator in Med School Prep will be offered in 2023

UC Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 

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