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Why Summer Learning Matters

Why Summer Learning Matters

These past few months have been an adjustment for me and my teenager. Online learning is new for many high school students and also teachers. Your high school teachers are generally taught how to manage classrooms and instruct in-person, not how to create robust, engaging courses for online platforms. That’s why online learning experiences are currently challenging – for each of us.

But what I know as an educator and previous assistant dean at Georgetown University is that summer matters. As the school year winds down, what are you planning for the summer? Yes, trips to the beach and long days riding bikes in the sun matter! But so do the learning experiences. That’s why I’m excited to be guiding the development of Summer Discovery’s online program for summer 2020.


  • Exercise Your Mind. Summer courses keep students engaged in learning during the “off-season”, sort of like an athlete training for the Olympics. Off-season training keeps the mind engaged and ripe for learning
  • Explore Interests. Summer experiences allow students to explore interests that are not available in high school. Many students are locked into very rigid course schedules in order to meet their diploma requirements. Summer opportunities allow students to explore interests outside their normal coursework
  • Prepare for College-level Learning. College-level learning is different from high school learning. Summer programs allow students to engage with college coursework and faculty in a supportive environment. Students can get a preview of what college learning is all about.
  • Test Drive a College. A summer learning experience is an opportunity for high school students to experience coursework at a potential university. Test drive academics at a college before you apply!
  • Be a Better You. Summer learning is about being a better you. Students meet new people, learn, engage, and grow. Take two weeks out of your summer to discover the best YOU that you can be.

Summer learning is important, and I’m excited to be leading the team that brings this opportunity to you.

Check out our more than 25 courses in partnership with UCLA, UCLA Anderson School of Management, CU Boulder, UT Austin, and Ideagen powered globally by Microsoft.

Esteban Olivares
Director of Educational Development and University Partnerships
Summer Discovery


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