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Where have the weeks gone?

As we welcome in a second group of two-week students today, let’s take a look back at the last couple of days and all the exciting activities that we took part in.

On Friday, our 4-week students enjoyed a trip to Boston University. Located in the heart of Boston, this college is a school that a couple of our students have been interested in visiting since we started. Students took pictures in front of the Marsh Chapel, toured around the campus, and ended their time picking up some college swag at the bookstore. Once our internship students returned from work, students enjoyed an evening out. Some students experienced a laser show set to the music of Lady Gaga at the nearby Science Museum, while others went to see some newly released movies.

On Saturday, students experienced some of the local colleges in the area that aligned with their interests. Students were given the option to go to Boston University, Northeastern, MIT, and Tufts. At MIT, students got to see some of the cutting-edge architecture and experience a campus that is leading the way in technological growth. At Northeastern, students were lead along a tour by our very own SAT teacher, Anika. Along the tour, students learned about the interesting programs at the school and even had the opportunity to ask questions to past students. Our very own Associate Director, LA, led a tour through Tufts and gave students a first hand account of experiences and stories from her undergraduate experience. At Boston University, students got to experience a staple of the Boston area and for some of our students, provided them with a college to consider applying to. Students ended the evening bowling. It was so much fun to see our students hanging out with each other and it was cool to see how deep some of these friendships have grown. As we always say as a staff, we really do have the coolest and nicest students here at Boston.

Today, we welcomed 15 new students to our program. Our 4-week and DI students had the opportunities to go to Quincy Market, The Lawn on D, and the SoWa Open Market. Quincy Market is always a favorite, as it is a great place to grab a delicious bite to eat or to catch up on some much needed shopping. The Lawn on D is a unique park situated near the southern end of Boston. In the park, students can swing on swings, play ping-pong, or just listen to local artists. The SoWa open market is a unique event that occurs on Sundays. Set up like a farmer’s market, students had the opportunity to shop at local stalls and try artisan foods. This jam-packed day was full of smiles and laughs as students traveled to different parts of Boston. After our new students arrived, they were guided around our home area and participated in orientation to help them adjust to the program. Many of our two-week students took the opportunity to go on some of our trips today and already began making connections.

We have loved the last two weeks here at Boston and we are pumped for the next two! Continue to check back on the blog for daily updates and don’t forget to check out the photo album!

Emerson Gazette Issue 16