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Where Did the Time Go?! (Cambridge Underground Vol. 13)

Where Did the Time Go?! (Cambridge Underground Vol. 13)

Well, friends and family, we are down to the last week together, and the friendships built among the students are strong. Late nights, early mornings, embracing each other during goofy and awkward moments, these students have connected the world we live in by being open and accepting of each others differences. Can you say world peace?!

This weekend kicked off with the highly anticipated games of Krashball! Strapping into a giant plastic ball and running down a field to play a game of soccer was the true highlight of Friday! Sweat and falls, our students bared it all to claim victory against the opposing team! We ended the night with a trip to the movie theatre to watch Jurassic World: Kingdom Fallen and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Rise and shine! We woke up early Saturday morning to explore London’s Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye, and so much more. We conquered the tube like the British as we made our way through the city’s major attractions such as Oxford Circus, Covent Square, and Parliament Square. Traveling just west of London, the other half of our students explored Oxford University, the oldest known English speaking college in the world. Some researchers report a founding date of 1096 making Oxford University the second longest continuous running university in the world. As if this trip weren’t exciting enough, getting to walk past the filming locations for the Harry Potter movie series is the total cherry on top!

On Sunday, half of our students carried their energy on to thrilling roller coasters at Alton Towers, while the other half of students decided to take a rest day relaxing in Cambridge town. With two weeks of non-stop moving, this was a great opportunity for students to catch up on their studies, upcoming tests/projects, laundry, and good ole’ sleep.

The week ahead is our student’s last chance to squeeze in all the excursions their heart’s desire. Whether it be to Grantchester Tea Gardens, Ely Cathedral, American Cemetery, Glassworks Gym, King’s College Chapel, Sedwig Museum, Ghost Tour, Shakespeare plays, or chauffeured punting.  

We’ll be seeing you around! Thursday night will be the next blog entry, but as always you can check out our daily Cambridge Underground Newsletter and photo gallery!


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