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Where are they now? A look at Summer Discovery Alumni

Where are they now? A look at Summer Discovery Alumni

It’s true that Summer Discovery students are special people. No matter where they come from or what they choose to study, our students bring as much to our programs as they take away from them.

With these exemplary alums in mind, we embark on our first edition of “Where Are They Now? A look at Summer Discovery Alumni.

Our first installment highlights a bright, young man with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. David Zamarin, a native of Philadelphia, went to Summer Discovery’s Penn Law Academy in 2015 and has gone on to start up and sell a couple of businesses, all while ace-ing it at Babson College.

It started in Philadelphia, with his first business cleaning sports shoes. “I hated getting my sports shoes dirty so I found this chemical to protect them. The problem was that it was hard to get, very, very expensive and cancer-causing, ” said Zamarin. He went on to research in nano technology to develop a superior, safer product.

The journey wasn’t easy, but three and a half years later, “DetraPel” was launched, a superior, non-toxic product for protecting shoes, car upholstery, furniture, and fabrics from dirt, liquids, and stains. His product is so good that he was recently awarded $200,000 from Mark Cuban on the hit television show, Shark Tank.

“I was always interested in law and did the Summer Discovery Law Program at UPenn.  But after taking the law program, I realized that I didn’t want to study Law, that I had a more Entrepreneurial spirt.  After the SD program, I took some undergrad courses at UPenn in Global Politics, Micro and Macroeconomics, and received credits, which is why I’m graduating one year early from Babson College,” explained Zamarin.

When asked what advice he’d give to high school students he replied, “I definitely recommend not taking a summer ‘break.’ Find your passion, learn from people, take an internship. Hands-on experience is the best education you can get.”

David Zamarin is studying Business Administration at Babson College on full scholarship. He’ll be graduating one year early. To learn more about his company, visit

One of the benefits of Summer Discovery pre-college programs is helping you identify what field you want to pursue in university, or what you don’t want to pursue. Both outcomes are extremely valuable and equally as important!

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