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What's in your backpack?

What's in your backpack?

While back-to-school may look a little different, having the essential things with you to keep you healthy especially during COVID, is necessary.  So, we surveyed our staff and asked them to share their favorites from face masks and hand sanitizer to cool gizmos and gadgets, and here are their top picks.

Hand Sanitizer:

Having hand sanitizer is a must, and we love a range of scents from watermelon and citrus to lavender and vanilla. Yet, for those who prefer unscented, a favorite is the Bath and Body Unscented Hand Sanitizer, which also comes in a spray bottle, making it super easy to access and use, especially with kids on the move. And, for those more discerning types, some of us like to make our own.  Here is one of our favorite recipes.  


Still looking for the perfect facemask – one you won’t mind wearing for hours at a time?  We’ve found some we love, such as Supield Series 7 Luxury Edition Facemask. And, for the more discerning style, Etsy has something for everyone. We also liked the idea of our mask purchase going the extra mile by giving back with every purchase. Check out this article from Who What Wear on 48 brands of masks that are donating with purchase.


No one likes dry, cracked lips—Chapstick or another lip balm is essential, especially in the winter and summer months. Keeping a tube of one of our favorites, 100% Natural Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, in your bag will keep your lips in prime shape!  We also love Sun Bum’s Lip Balm with SPF to shield from those harmful rays.

Water Bottle

Hydration is key to good health and focus. While supporting your health, why not support the environment by cutting down on single-use plastic with a reusable water bottle. Hydroflask makes bottles in multiple sizes that keep drinks icy cold, hot drinks piping hot, and is BPA-free! Another favorite is Swell bottles, which feature cool designs and innovative technology that keep all beverages cold for up to 41 hours!

Gizmos and Gadgets:

Who doesn’t need another key chain? Keysmart CleanKey proves especially valuable during the pandemic as it serves as a touchless key tool and button pusher made from solid brass that helps minimize contact in everyday tasks. From opening doors to paying at checkout, the CleanKey makes these germy situations a breeze.


In our virtual world, there are many digital learning necessities. Our staff voted headphones as a top priority for students when they are studying or learning from home. Headphones can help block-out distractions and help you focus on the assigned task or lesson. We had a hard time picking just one type of headphone to share. There are many different types based on your fit preference, style, and needs. Here's a great article on Wirless Headphone Options for students.

Notebooks and Writing Utensils:

Writing thing down is one of the best ways to exercise your brain's long-term and short-term neural pathways. That's why we recommend taking notes by hand when your trying to learn something new or trying to remember something important! Mead Five Start Notebooks have always been a quality, affordable option for notetaking. Did you know that pens come in all shapes, sizes, and types. From ballpoint, to ink, to colored ink, and gel - pens aren't a one-size fits all. Our staff preferences are varied, but here's a list of The Best Pens for Writing narrowed by your preferences!

Pictured is Summer Discovery's China Country Director's backpack.


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