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What a WILD Ride at Summer Discovery @ UCLA! Here's What You Need to Know

What a WILD Ride at Summer Discovery @ UCLA! Here's What You Need to Know

 My summer at Summer Discovery UCLA was indescribable. It was the best summer of my life. Going into the program, I was open-minded and excited with the slight feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I got off the plane and was immediately greeted by a Summer Discovery Residential Counselor. Little did I know that this Residential Counselor was one of the many great staff members that Summer Discovery had at UCLA. I got my luggage and started greeting some of my fellow Summer Discovery students. I boarded the bus and awkwardly listened in on all the students that already knew each other.

Important Note: Do not be discouraged if some people already know each other on the bus ride to campus. When we arrived on campus, the best way to describe the atmosphere was that there was a welcome party happening. The students and Residential Counselors were dancing, blasting music and getting everyone, including myself, excited for the upcoming weeks. You were given your welcome packet, a room key and you were set free to unpack and start making friends. Things of course were awkward at first, but I quickly discovered that the other students on my floor would become my closest friends. I would say the first day of the program is the easiest day of the whole summer. The reasons I say this is because after that first day, you have a multitude of different trips to choose from that are indescribable. You meet so many people on the program from all over the world. You get into a daily routine that just seems normal and I couldn't imagine altering from it. As the summer quickly flies by, I realized the hardest day was about to come. Departure day is the hardest day of the summer, by far. Your world gets totally flipped upside down because the amazing routine I created and amazing friends I made are now all going home. You say goodbye to your friends and you have to go back to your normal life. I wish I could have stayed at UCLA for as long as possible but I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to experience it all. 

Written by: Adamn Novak


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