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We're Thankful it's Thursday at UCLA Jr. Discovery!

At UCLA Jr. Discovery, we're thankful for incredible friendships, amazing instructors, and all the fun activities that fill our day! Students headed to their workshops this morning, with heads full of unique project ideas and new information! This afternoon, students had the option to play wiffleball, swim in the Sunset Canyon Recreation pool, make boondoggle bracelets, visit the famous Hammer Museum, or continue to dive into academics in study hall. After dinner, we loaded the buses and headed to Glowzone, a glow-in-the-dark activity center with laser tag, bumper cars, a rock wall and more! 

Additionally, we are thankful it is finally our first weekend together and that we have numerous, great trips lined up for us! To see our schedule for tomorrow and preview the weekend, check out The Daily. We are excited for everything planned this weekend and for the rest of the summer!