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Welcome 4 Week Students - 6/30/19

Today we welcomed over 130 new friends into Santa Cruz Hall! Science and Engineering Research Academy and Enrichment students joined us today from all over the globe. At this point, we have over 15 countries and 25 US States represented on campus. There is so much potential to make lifelong friends and learn about new people, cultures, and ways of though. It is always amazing to hear everyone's stories as we get to know each other. All of this travel is exhausting, but friendships are starting to blossom. Don't forget to check out the programming calendar to see all that this program has in store. 

We will be back to classes for week 2 at Summer Discovery UCSB. Get your notebook, pens, and thinking caps together and head to class early tomorrow. After classes will see the long-anticipated SD 3v3 basketball tournament. Who is the best out there? Only time will tell now. Follow this with a Disney Movie Marathon in the theater. Movie excitement doesn't end there, we will be heading off campus for a big new movie on Tuesday as well! That is after some Ocean Sports at Santa Barbara beach.Then head over to one of the 'most picturesque landmarks' in Santa Barbara at the Old Mission. We will end hump day with Karaoke for Pizza in the Formal Lounge, so start warming up those beautiful voices now!

UC Santa Barbara Daily: July 1, 2019


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