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Week One updates!

After arrival day on the 24th of June, our UCSB students began their adventure with their first few days of meeting roommates, fellow students, staff, and instructors. Orientation helped them become familiar again with the rules and regulations of the program, as well as important facilities such as dining, classroom locations, and the ever-popular Bookstore!

K-Mart runs helped students get a few forgotten supplies. A tour of the adjacent home area in IV (Isla Vista) provided students with knowledge of stores and restaurants within walking distance.

Throw in an Ice Cream check-in, Glow Bowling at nearby Zodo's, and RC organized activities, and the evenings helped bring a delightful end to a busy day.

Students continued their learning and their independent ways, walking themselves to classes after the last three days of staff escorts. Classes and research are both in full swing, with assignments beginning and excursions to various places (such as Marine Biology) taking our students on-site to their place of learning!

State St. Orientation continued tonight as we get the rest of our students knowledgeable with the home area, the Flashpoint, and the signing out & bus process so they can safely visit State St. in the future.

Overall, a good day, with students winding down the week and getting ready for an all group excursion this weekend. A wonderful ending to a busy first week!!

The Gaucho Gazette Volume 1 Issue 6