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Week one and done!

Week one ended with a success! The first couple days we were all still getting to know eachother and finding our friend groups, but we started this week by getting into a solid routine going from class, to field trips, to sports and bonding in between. We started our days early to make the most out of each and every single one. Our field trips started at Target to make sure students had all of the supplies they needed to be successful in the classroom and stocked up on snacks so they would not go hungry in between meals. We bonded throughout the week doing things such as laser tag, karaoke night singing for pizza, and cheering on the bowie bay sox for the fourth of July festivities. Although the weather became a small obstacle, students and staff made the best of it and did not let it ruin any of our trips. As we head into the weekend we are optimistic that the weather will get better! We want to thank our staff here for working so hard to maket this summer the best it can possibly be for all of our Juniors, as well as the Juniors for keep such good attitudes. 

Overall, our first week ended well. The students got to experience the wonderful history Washington D.C. has to offer and more. From making new friends to expanding their knowledge, the continue into the second week ready to finish strong! 

Junior Discovery Daily


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